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Chanel Preston

Ginger Spice Cream Pies

Chanel Preston Spice

I recently had a little trip over to Spice Radio where I had the pleasure of joining the wonderful Ginger Lynn on air. I have gone onto Playboy Radio a few times and thought I was going to walk in and go on air for 20-30 minutes, answer all the question people had for me and leave, but no... 

While I was waiting patiently to go on air in the green room, Mike, the Spice Radio producer, came in and said, "So, Chanel, what are your limits for doing stuff on the radio?"

I had many images running through my head. I wasn't sure if Ginger was planning on bringing in animals or maybe fucking me with watermelons on the air. I wasn't prepared for this. I didn't shave. I think I was wearing granny panties. When he saw the confused look on my face, he told me not worry about it--Ginger would explain everything.  So off I went onto the radio. Mike sat me down next to Ginger, whom I had never met before, while she was still on the radio. Of course I smiled my little Chanel smile and giggle, and she was telling everyone on the air how excited she was that I was there and she had so many fun things planned with me. She then told the listeners that we were going to play "Funnel of Love".

Definition: Funnel of Love - The act of putting a funnel into a vagina and pouring cream inside of it. The female then holds the cream in for as long as she can, while she also does the same to the other female. Both sit with pussies facing each other. When they cannot hold it any longer, they squirt it all out onto each other.

Ginger looked at me and asked if I was game to play "Funnel of Love". Not that I would have said no anyways, but since we were on air, I kind of had to say yes. She then proceeded to a music break where we officially said hello and nice to meet you off the air. Once back on air, we sat together now wearing cute little panties. We each pulled aside one another's panties and funneled in some love, which in my case was mint truffle flavored coffee creamer, and hers was ginger spice, of course. In a short time we realized the funnels did not work well, so we used douches to spray the creamer inside of us and hold it. Now, I don't want to brag, but I was able to get the entire bottle inside of me and hold it (yay for strong pc muscles), but Ginger was able to shoot her creamer much farther than me. When she squirted her creamer it shot all the way up to my tits, where as mine only hit her pelvic area. I guess we can't be good at everything. I did have ginger spice creamer squirting out of me randomly for the rest of the show, which was unusually exciting.

This "Funnel of Love" was interesting, especially when we sucked the remaining creamer from each other's pussies. I kept sucking up her vagina lips and giving her little hickies, but apparently Ginger was just getting warmed up. She then wanted to make fruit salad. She instructed me to close my eyes, while she squeezed oranges all over my body, down my neck and over my tits. We then had to squoosh the grapes, so I set them on yoga mat and squashed them with my butt cheeks, while making funny, wet, squooshy noises (which was very exciting for listeners). Then we masturbated with bananas.

This was the most interesting radio show I have ever done, and I'm sure none will be able to top it. I had a blast with Ginger Lynn. I had no idea what she would be like, but she is such a spunky, creative person, and I would love to go on her show again sometime. 


-XO Chanel

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