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Freelance Writer/Reporter Rob Perez was doing his thing talking it up to the performers while I was interviewing Digital Playground’s Jesse Jane and Stoya.  Below are a few quickies that he got for XCritic. Thanks Rob


Persia Monir

How does it feel to be at Exxxotica?

 It feels very exciting. Pink’s my favorite color so I love the pink carpet here. This is one of my favorite shows because it’s a big fan show. I have a lot of fans so I look forward to really meeting them rather than just on Facebook or Twitter.

 How would you compare this to AVN and the other porn conventions?

 You got the Northeast community. It’s so dense and the demographics are a lot different because when you go to Vegas people are coming from all over. It’s so large and this is much more concentrated and people are specifically coming over to find their pornstars. It’s a big fan show. That’s the difference.

  Alexis Nicole LA Direct model

How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica NJ?

I’m really excited. It’s my first time in New Jersey. It’s my second Exxxotica. I’m fairly new so I get really giddy when I go to places like this.

 So you really enjoy coming to events like this?

I really do. When you’re new you just don’t take this stuff for granted. It’s very flattering. I never thought I’d be here doing this. I enjoy it a lot.

 How does it feel to be a part of the LA Direct family?

Amazing. LA Direct offers the most. They’re the best agency that you could wish for. Very professional. I’m really happy I’m with them right now.


Mike Gruosso, VP of Sales for Fleshdrive:

How have sales been so far?

We are still at the very beginning of this. I opened up the wholesale division about 3, 4 months ago. I’ve already moved close to six thousand units. I’m already in about 40 different stores—Romantics, Deja Vue, Starship, Hustler has us in two of their stores. So it’s moving very nicely from the very beginning.

Why are events like these important for Fleshlight to be at?

It’s important for us to be here because we have to alert the public on what this product is. I want to talk to them face to face, show them the packaging, and tell them how easily it works. It’s basically a very simple way to watch the porn that you love without the certain pitfalls that come along. Either having history on your computer, having DVD boxes all around your house, having people you don’t want to know what you’re doing finding out what you’re doing. So this is a very discreet, easy way, affordable . . . it just makes your life easier in regard to what you want to do.


                                                                      Breanne Benson, LA Direct Girl


 How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

 I’m very excited because it’s my first convention here in New Jersey. I’m not sure what to expect but it’s very exciting.

Do you love meeting your fans?

Absolutely!. You’re fans are what make you so it’s very important to meet them.

How does it feel to be a part of the LA Direct family?

I love LA Direct. I’ve been with them for almost two years and they’ve been very, very good so I’m very proud to be a part of LA Direct.

Why are events like this important for the performers to get out and meet their fans?

In my opinion I think [it’s good] for the fans to get to know the girl in person and I think it makes a difference. People look different on camera than they do in real life and get to know them better. This way they can buy some of your stuff and you can sign it for them. I think it’s very important.


                                                Prinzzess Girlfriend Films Contract Gal

How long have you been under contract with Girlfriends Films?

A little over a year now.

How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

I love it. I love meeting the fans, getting to meet people, doing interviews . . .

Do you love going to these conventions and why?

Yes. Getting to meet the fans I think, brings porn to life. Otherwise it’s just porn on your TV. [Here] you get to meet the girl you’ve been watching. I think it’s a great experience on both sides.


Derek Hay, President of LA Direct Models:

 Why is it important for LA Direct to be at events such as Exxxotica?

LA Direct is right in the middle of the adult industry. Without girls we wouldn’t have much industry, would we? So I think most of the consumers come to see the girls. So we bring the girls.

Can you tell me about EC Direct Models?

We opened about two and a half, three months ago. Our offices are locates in the heart of South Beach, on Washington and 12th. We’re very excited about it. It’s been a good start. We’re bringing LA girls to Miami so they can work with producers there who otherwise wouldn’t get to work with those girls, and we’re recruiting South Florida girls as well. We’re finding them work in Florida and no doubt, we’ll end up bringing them to LA. So there’s going to be a lot of moving backwards and forwards.

Why Miami? What does Miami have specifically?

Miami is the second city in the United States for adult film productions. And it’s been growing the last couple of years. Two, three years ago 90 percent of productions were in LA and 10 percent in Miami. Maybe now it’s 80 percent and 20 percent, so it’s growing. I don’t think Miami will grow that much more but it’s an important city. We also found that our LA girls love traveling there so it’s a win/win for everybody.

                                                           Courtney Cummz, Zero Tolerance Contract Gal

How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

Fabulous. I love the New York area. New York is my favortie show out of all of them

Why is it important for the girls to come out and meet their fans?

It’s just part of the job. We got to meet our babies. It’s fun. I love my babies. We have a blast together.


Kelly Divine

How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

I love it. Exxxotica New York is my favorite show. I love the people here. I have a really good time and I can’t wait to party.

Why in your opinion are shows like this important?

They’re important because it lets the fans actually, in person, connect with the people they admire and the people they fantasize about. They join our websites and buy our merchandise. But it’s nice to actually see us and shake our hand in person.

Tell me about kellydivine.com and your other websites?

Kellydivine.com is our flagship site. I’m on there with a bunch of other girls doing everything. There’s anal scenes on there exclusively. I do weekly webcam shows, I do home videos. I also started my network. It’s filthpays.com. I have Bang That MILF and I’m working on two others right now. So I’m busy on the net.

Do you also take the opportunity to network while you’re here?

Yeah. If anything I just try to pick at them and see what’s going on. I always want to stay ahead of everyone. I always want to come out with the new thing next before anyone else does. Like I’m the only girl in the business with my own VOD website and no other girl has it. Everyone else goes through a third party. Mine is a 100 percent owned by me.

How much of this is work and how much of this is fun?

Half and half. It’s definitely hard. It’s hard at the conventions. I love them I love meeting people but you also have to be making money. So standing in heels and smiling for pictures and poking my butt for 12 hours at a time can be a little wearing, but I love it at the same time.

Tiki Pavelle of AINNews, President of Pipeline Media:

Why in your opinion is an event like this important for the porn press to cover?

I think it gives a really good picture of the industry as a whole. You get to see the consumers, the industry fans, which really lets you know [that] so much of it happens over the Internet now. To see the actual people who are watching the stuff that you’re producing means a lot. It makes them real and it gives you a better idea of who you’re talking to when you make pornography. I think also for the models, the pornstars if you will, for them (the fans) to get a chance to see the people—when you’re having sex on camera you’re effectively fucking these people; that is the mindset you put yourself in—and for them to meet the people that they’re having sex with it means a lot on both sides of the equation. Also for press it lets you see how they present to the people that they’re talking to. We all exist digitally 364 days a year. It’s the one chance we get to be real.

There’s also a lot of mainstream press here as well as the porn press. How do you feel the mainstream press covers events such as this compared to the porn press?

 From a very uninformed point of view. It’s always kind of surprising. I almost wish they could be issued an educational pamphlet on all the things that they don’t know. Go ask them if they’ve heard of AIM testing or ask them if they realize there’s no healthcare plan for people in porn. Or that most people in porn, a huge number of them, have second jobs right now because of the economy. I think they perpetuate all the existing stereotypes, unfortuantely. And I’m not faulting them. They’re covering this exactly the same way I would cover a NASCAR event because I don’t know dick about it.


 Nyomi Banxxx

How Does it feel  being at the Exxxotica?

It ‘s good. This is my fourth time here so I love it everytime I come out.

What are you here selling and or promoting?

 Today is the first day I’m selling my calenders—the 2011 Always Keeping It Sexy Calenders. I’m also debuting here in New York Face-Off with myself and Aryana Starr. We go into battle—fucking—and we have a nice lineup. We got Lexington Steele, Manuel Ferrara, Chris Charming, Prince Yashua. We’ve got a whole lot of sexy things going on there. We also have Nyomi’s Diaries, which is actually from my company, NBX Productions.

What seperates Exxxotica from the other adult conventions? What makes it standout?

With Exxxotica it’s more where the fans can meet the stars and it also gives the stars a chance to actually brand and make money off of their name so we’re able to control more of what we sell. We’re able to be our own company out here and selling our own merchandise.


Vanessa del Rio of Vanessadelrio.com

Is this the first time you’ve attended an event like this in quite a while?

 Yeah. I can’t remember the last time I went to anything like this. It’s been a while.

 Is there a reason why you don’t go to these often?

Because I’m just not in the business anymore. I still have my website, I still do webcams, and then my book came out. I have my two dogs and I don’t like to travel and leave them. So they’re my two children.

You’re devoted to them?

Totally. I’m a dog trainer now. I train them. It’s a hobby but I love it. So I’m kind of living vicariously through my dogs.

Did you ever expect the industry to grow the way it has over the years?

I never thought it would go away. There’s no way, there’s no way you’re ever going to take this away.


                                              Brittany Andrews of Paymissbrittany.com

What does it mean to you to be a legend of Exxxotica?

 It means that I’m an old bitch and I somehow managed to get to this age and still be able to be in this business.

You were away from the business for a little while and now you’re back. What made you want to come back?

 I left the adult entertainment industry a little over three years ago. I left because I had been in the business 15 years and I was bored to death. I had been doing the same thing for a really long time. I left, moved to the East coast. I live in Manhattan now. I went to film school for a couple of years shooting some mainstream stuff—films, short films, documentaries, music videos—and I started missing the adult busines. It’s been a huge part of my life, it’s a huge part of who I am and I kind of figured that I didn’t want to shoot all porn, and I don’t want to shoot all mainstream. Porn’s a huge part of me, I love it, especially the fetish stuff. I love having cute young boys like you at their knees in front of me. And it’s a huge part of me and I love it, and I didn’t want to say no to that. But what I needed in my life was I needed to grow, which I did. I went off and did some other stuff, so now I balance both of them. I’ve got two films that are premiering at the LA film festival—one that’s winning an award for best directorial debut, called Crumble—and the other one is a full length feature film, a supernatural horror film called Trick Of the Witch. So I’m doing both porn and mainstream, and I feel like I’m a fully balanced human being now.

Why do you have a camera following you around?

 This is for my webisode that we’re doing called myrealpornlife.com.


Jesse Jane, Digital Playground contract girl at Fantasy Island booth

 How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

I love Exxxotica. This is my third time here I believe, and it’s really good. I did Miami, Jersey. Jersey is definitely my favorite one. But I always have fun, I love to meet my fans which is one of my favorite things to do. So I’m having a great time.

Why do you feel it’s important for the girls to come out and do these events?

Because your fans are who make you who you are. It’s not just you. You have to have fans. You have to be liked by somebody to make you a star. So you need to show appreciation to your fans.



Lupe Fuentes, Wicked Contract girl signing at Fantasy Island booth

 How does it feel to be here at Exxxotica?

 It feels amazing. I love New Jersey. It’s so much fun to come here and party in the nighttime with all the porno stars and have fun with all my friends. This year is special for me because I am the newest Wicked contract star and my new movie Lolita is coming out November 24th. I can’t wait for my fans to see my new movie.

Spyder Jonez:

Why is it important for you to be here at Exxxotica?

For me I’m promoting my website, rockstarpornstar.com and I’m here to take care of all of Lupe’s business. I think it’s important to have a physical face in the industry to see. I think people expect to see you year after year to show up at events and they recognize you in the business as someone who’s here to stay.

How does Exxxotica differ from the other conventions?

Exxxotica and Adultcon are really about the talent, about the stars as opposed to the Adult Video News Expo which has always been more about the companies. I think that’s why you see more of these shows growing because the more the Internet is out there, the more it’s about the stars. People don’t give a shit about the companies. They care about the girls.



Stoya, Digital Playground Contract girl at Fantasy Island booth

 How does it feel to be at Exxxotica?

It’s really awesome to meet my fans and interface with them in person. Most of them are really kind of awesome. Some of them are into Sci-Fi and super nerdy shit.

 What do you have coming out from DP?

My Double Penetration scene in Bad Girls 5 with James Deen and Steve Holmes. That was like the most fun thing ever. It comes out on November 23rd.  I’m really excited.

Was that difficult for you to do?

No. it was really difficult for me to be allowed to do. I had to beg Digital and say, “Listen, I want to do this.” So that was hard but actually doing it was super fun.



Andy San Dimas at Fantasy Island Booth

 How long have you been in the business?

I’ve been in the business three years now. I did my first boy/girl scene three years ago and then I took a year off. I came back on my second year and started doing porn fulltime. I moved out to LA and started fucking whatever for whatever.

Is this your first convention?

No it’s not my first convention. I was in Exxxotica LA and this one is off the chain compared to Exxxotica LA. There’s so many more people here. I’m from the East coast, I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. It feels good to be home and so far this convention has been awesome. I’ve only been here 20 minutes but already it’s been a great time. I can’t wait to be here all weekend.

How do the fans treat you when they meet you?

 The fans treat me awesome. My fans have a lot of respect for me. They follow me on Twitter so they know what I tweet, what I’m about. I’m a real person. I’m not just tweeting about how horny I am all day. I have a life. I watch Ninja Turtles, I play video games. Some people give me shit about it but those people aren’t my fans. My fans are good to me.



Lexington Steele, Mercenary Pictures

Why is it important for Mercenary Pictures to be at shows like Exxxotica?

It’s important for my company, Mercenary Pictures, to be at Exxxotica because the fans—the consumers—they want to get a chance to meet the people in person. Now being a male performer and a male star, they don’t get the opportunities to meet the men as much as they do the girls. So not only do I have a service to my consumers and my fans, but it’s also a good time to sell a couple of DVDs and just have a presence. A lot of times it’s just being present that makes all the difference. You don’t want to be forgotten because it’s such a saturated market. You always got to keep promoting yourself and keeping yourself out there. That requires that you keep your feet on the ground and actually do it.

 Are you still performing as much as you have been before?

For the most part, I make sure most of my energy goes to Mercenary but I do maintain a few very popular series like Lex the Impaler or Lexington Steele’s Heavy Metal. I was also in Hustler’s Avatar and in January I’m going to be starring in the Star Wars parody for Vivid as Darth Vader. So I’m still working, I’m still out there but not as much.

How do you prepare to play Darth Vader?

I don’t know how I’m going to prepare for it because I don’t know what type of dialogue they’re going to have for me but from being a fan of the whole Star Wars series, I’m so ready to play the role. I can’t wait to say the words, instead of saying, “Luke, I am your father,” I’m going to be like, “Bitch, I am your father!” as I’m giving it to her up the ying yang.

Having been in the business for over a decade why do you feel you’ve been a fan favorite for so long?

 I think fans realize that when I’m doing a scene I’m not faking it. I’m not trying to be cool. I’m doing my scene the way anybody would if they had the chance to work with a girl that looked like the girl I’m working with. I don’t take it for granted what I do. I appreciate the fact that I’m one of the few men that are lucky enough to get paid to have sex with these wonderful women. So I’ve never taken it for granted. Before I got into movies I felt a certain way towards porno performers and now that I became one I want to uphold that mindset that it’s our job to provide fantasy. I take that to heart.

Tell me about your new magazine.

I’ve launched Black Diamonds, the official triple X magazine of Lexington Steele, and in January 2011, we’ll begin shopping our television pilot for the Lexington Steele Show. It’s a mainstream show featuring adult stars, mainstream stars and pro athletes.

What network will it be on?

We’re going to be shopping it to as many as we can. Ideally I’d like to end up on a premium channel like an HBO or Showtime, but there’s always Spike TV, G4, VH1 . . . so there’s at least five primary targets that we would like to share the show with and hopefully somebody will pick us up.



Tori Black, XBiz Performer of the Year

What do you think of Exxxotica?

It’s great. It’s a much better turnout than I thought it would be. Everybody is really cool here.

Do you genuinely love meeting your fans?

I do. Everybody is different and it’s nice to see smiling faces come in and telling me that they enjoy my work as much as I do so it’s great. I enjoy it.

As the current XBiz performer of the year how would you describe the past year you’ve had?

The past year has been flying by the seat of my pants. No pun intneded. I’ve been traveling all over the place and working like a crazy woman, and loving every minute of my life.

How much of this is work and how much of this is fun?

It’s all fun!

                                                       Monstar of the Star Factory

 What do you think of the turnout?

The turnout has been phenomenal. The ladies in for free on Friday has put us over the top. I can’t believe how succesful it is. A lot of people are making money, a lot of people are getting pictures with their favorite stars like Tori Black, Stoya, Tanya Tate. It’s great. We even got some tabloid stars like Amy Fisher and Bombshell McGhee. It’s pretty exciting to be here. It’s going to be an amazing turnout.

How much work goes into planning, publicity wise, an event like this?

 I can just say a lot of work, a lot of pre-planning and keeping an open communication with the media.


                                                                        Mr. Pete

How great is it to be here at Exxxotica?

Two reasons. It’s my first porn convention on the East coast and the other reason is that all my family is in Brooklyn. So I’m killing two birds with one stone.

 As one of the top male performers, when you walk around and see all the girls getting all the attention, do you ever like you’d want some of that attention yourself?

I get a fair amount of attention and I shouldn’t get more attention than the girls and I know this because I’m not the selling point. They are. The girl is the most important thing in the movie. The guys are important because they got to get the job done but the girls are why we’re here. So I’m not jealous. I’m happy for them. And I appreciate the little bits of attention I get.

Would you say you’re one of the top 10 guys performing today?

 I hear that. I hear that often. Man, there’s some good competition. I should say stiff competition. There are some great people and I don’t want to put myself ahead of anyone who’s been doing it longer than me. But as far as the guys that are out there now, it’s a privelege to be in the top ten.



Nina Hartley at Legends of Exxxotica booth ninahartley.com

 What keeps you going? Why do you continue to perform after all these years in the business?

I still enjoy my time in the business after 26 years for a number of years. First, I’m an exhibitionist so I like having a camera. I’m also a vouyer so I like being in a room while other people are having sex. I’m also bisexual so I like being in a room with ladies having sex. More importantly, I have an idea about sex that I want to communicate to the viewer. So yes I like being paid, of course. It’s a nice job. But I also want to share with other people what I know about sex so they can go home and have more fun. Sex is a universal human concern. It’s a universal desire. It’s a universal pleasure and the main thing keeping people from having a better time is often their mental blockage or hangup about sex. So my job as a nurse, as an educator and entertainer is to help people relax and have a better time because I want everyone to have fun with sex.

Did you ever expect the business to grow as much as it has?

I started in 84 at the beginning of video. Then from 84 to 95 they really spent a lot of time and effort making porn more mainstream, more couples friendly. I’m not surprised because sex is a universal interest of everybody. It captures people’s imagination for obvious reasons.



Ginger Lynn

 What does it mean to be a legend of Exxxotica to you?

That I’m old as fuck. It was designed, I could be wrong, to have a place where those of us who have put in our dues and paved the road for other people, and really we’ve been around a long time. We’re not the new girls that are coming around. We’ve paid our dues.

Are you surprised the business has grown so much over the past 28 years?

I’m not surprised. People love sex. They always have always will. I love that it has become much more socially acceptable today and mainstream. Everybody watches porn. 28 years ago did I ever think it would get to this point? Not really because porn was still being shown in movie theaters when I started working in the industry. So it’s huge, it’s wonderful and here we are today.

What are you doing outside of porn?

The last mainstream projects, Devil’s Reject, the Rob Zombie film, American Pie: Band Camp. I’m hosting a new radio show on Sirius. The Spice Channel just launched last Monday, so I host a show on Spice from 7-11, Pacific time. A new website, www.gingerlynnauctions.com. I’m raising a son, I’m an artist. I paint on canvass and I design jewelry.

Do you have anything to say about Charlie Sheen?

God bless you and get better. He’s always going to have a place in my heart so I really, really hope that whatever is eating him he figures it out and gets some help.


Tory Lane www.torylane.com        

Did you take a break from the business?

I took six months off.

Personal time?

Yeah. Basically like a divorce. I don’t give a shit. He was a loser. So I took off for six months kind of like to re-group and get my shit together.

How does it feel to be at Exxxotica?

I love Jersey. I’m from New York. And these are my people, are you kidding me?

What’s next for you?

 I have a couple of good movie offers coming up with Vivid and Wicked for lead roles, and I just got a little reality with G4—Halo. Like they’re doing this whole reality thing so you’ll be seeing me on there a lot.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the quickies Rob got for XCritic and hope that next year’s show is even bigger than this one!



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