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Chanel Preston

Suck My Dick

My Life Tweeting:

-The Fucking Head Guy-

"Give me some fucking head first and then we will talk about your mac pro, WTF?"  This is a tweet I received today. I then looked on his profile and saw all his other tweets to girls. They went something like this:
"Fucking cutie, give me some head."
"Hey baby, give me some head."
"Glad you had a nice nap, now give me some head."
"Love some head when you get some time."
These few tweets, plus more, were in a thirty minute span. Think of how much head asking he could accomplish all day? Now, I'm only a pornstar so what do I know but I think this poor man needs some fucking head and he just hasnt learned how to ask properly. This is exactly what I told him, and he finally replied, "Ok, may I have some head first, then we will discuss you acquiring a new mac book pro? Better sweetie?"
Awww, this was so much better and he's capable of learning. This is a good thing since many others are not, but I still ignored him after this.

-I'm A Racist Whore Guy-

One tweeter asked if I had done interracial yet, and I kindly told him I hadn't at this time since I only just shot my first anal. He then proceeded to tell me I was a racist whore. I totally fantasize about the beautiful Sean Michaels and Will Smith, but I guess I'm still a racist whore. Unfortunately I was in the process for possibly being chosen to be on the jury for a black man convicted of abuse when he was tweeting this and if "I'm a racist whore guy" had been there then he could have told the judge just how much of a racist whore I was so I could get out of jury duty. *shrugs* Next time.

-Please Correct Your Spelling Bitch Guy-

The other day I tweeted a friend of mine and the tweet went like this, "I'm great, how bout you?"
A few moments later someone neither of us knew sent me a link on how to prepare for my SATs, since I apparently had no clue how to spell the word about. I tweeted back and thanked him graciously for his helpful link and I already felt ten times smarter. I didnt have the heart to tell him his grammar was all wrong in the initial tweet he sent me.
-The Hater Guy-
I have seen this guy tweet stuff about all kinds of people in the industry and some of you may know who he is but he really, really hates my agent, Mark Spiegler. He tweeted to me a post he had written on a forum how much he hates Spiegler and that I was a Spiegler girl, told everyone my real name and then said how much of a dirty, ugly, fat whore I was. He then posted this disgusting picture.

Chanel Preston on Beach

I can only speak for myself but I can totally see fat, ugly, whore written all over this picture and I am so embarrassed that he was somehow able to retrieve this heinous pic of myself.

With all that being said I am so glad I have some self-esteem other wise I might be fucked, and although I am making fun of the douches that use twitter I also have a lot of great fans that I have a blast bantering with. Unfortunately there will always be the ones that try to ruin and waste your time and embarrass themselves and in the mean time I will just blog about them and make fun of them. Kisses to all the awesome Twitter peeps out there!

-XO Chanel

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