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Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover

“I would never lie. I willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation.” - Fox Mulder (X-Files)

The covers of things rarely tell accurately what is depicted on the inside. Books, magazines, films, advertisements, even people. Sometimes it’s an inadvertent addition or lack of important information, sometimes its’ blatant false advertising, and sometimes it’s referred to simply as “marketing”. Regardless of what you call it, it is sometimes nearly impossible to ascertain what lies beneath the surface of almost anything nowadays.

It’s become a national epidemic in almost every facet of our society – consumers feeling cheated because the products that they buy aren’t what they thought they were; Executives and institutions that skim off the top all the while covering it up to their clients and customers; Young people crafting themselves after a contrived “reality” show. Covers are airbrushed, interviews are re-written and crafted, and nothing is sacred in the pursuit of selling an image. Credit is no longer given where it is due, but wherever it sells, or even worse, left in the hands of those who give credit based only on their own interests, whatever those might be.

Some forms of such false advertising almost come across as amusing at first glance. For instance, a fan will email me and ask why a movie that claims to be “filled with anal” does not feature me doing any anal. Or for instance, when some of my friends went to purchase one of my magazine covers, and upon picking up the issue, loudly proclaimed, “That’s not YOU – that girl has green eyes and her boobs are about 3 sizes too big!!!” At first, it just seems like a little innocent airbrushing of reality (no pun intended), but upon further examination, it causes one to wonder what purpose it’s really serving. Do I as an adult film star really want my fans to be upset because they thought at the counter that they were buying an “all anal” release? And if I twitter about my latest magazine cover, I would surely want them to recognize me when they go to the newsstand, correct?

Furthermore, what purpose is being truly served by this? All that goes up, must come down as they say, and false advertising can only last so long. Once the package is torn open, once the magazine is opened, once the movie is watched, the purpose has been defeated. The person may have been fooled once, but by feeling fooled, will it cause them to become a repeat customer? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I’m certain that the campaigns of misinformation will continue, but as someone much wiser than myself once said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

And now, to make you tingle in that special place, here’s some teasers from “Top Guns”, the latest movie being released that I was involved in. I portray the role of the civilian instructor at the Top Guns academy, and it also features what I consider to be one of the hottest, most intense and amazing sex scenes that I’ve ever done. I’m very excited for my fans to enjoy this movie that Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Stoya, Selena Rose and I worked so hard on!

Top Guns releases tomorrow, March 8th. For more information, pics, and generally cool shit, go to www.topgunsxxx.com


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