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Wonder Woman Sucks Candy Cock in Miami

I know I haven't blogged in a while, and I know you are all dying to know what Chanel Preston has been up to, so here it goes...

Last week I took a little trip to Miami. It was my first trip to Miami. Rather than the typical convention, it was an event where girls sign DVDs and photos for the buyers of an adult distribution company. It was actually interesting to see how people responded to you from a store owner's perspective versus a fan and... ok, fine, I'll talk about something else that's a little more interesting.

First of all, I flew on an overnight flight. Yay! No stops! But it was a really crappy airline. Boo! Yucky. To protect the dignity of the airline, which I know has probably already been demolished, I won't say their name. It definitely wasn't enjoyable for a tall person as you can see.

chanel's legs squished on a plane

I kept crushing my Cheez-Its!

I know the people who booked me the flight had never even heard of the airline, so it wasn't their fault, but I definitely told them about how devastated I was regarding my Cheez-Its the moment I landed at 7 a.m.

Raylene and I roomed together, which was fun. Everyone on Twitter was really excited when we told them because they wanted to imagine us muff diving. Actually, what Raylene and I DID do together was more along the lines of eating a lot and drinking a lot, so here is a little picture of two other muff divers.

erotic statue of two women having sex

The next day I began signing. I was there to promote my role as Wonder Woman. You may have heard I play her in the "Justice League of Porn Star Heroes" movie, so I promised them I would dress up as Wonder Woman while all the other girls had pretty dresses on that showed off their boobs and butts. I think mine showed off my boobs pretty well, and I'm sure I accidently flashed a few store owners who then purchased multiple copies of the movie--you should too, or at least just one. I look a little angry in this picture, but not for the reason you might think. You can tell I'm faking a smile because Raylene was making fun of me.

chanel preston signs dvds dressed as wonder woman

One of the evenings after the signing, there was a big dinner cruise / drinking fest where I coincidentally met Superman!

chanel preston on a dinner cruise with superman

The sexual tension between Wonder Women and Superman has always been intense, so I decided to relieve my urges in front of everyone with a giant Bodywand personal massager.

chanel preston plays with giant bodywand personal massager

After that I went upstairs and experienced my true calling as boat captain.

chanel preston captaining a boat

The next day I was very excited when I got to step out of my Wonder Woman costume and wear normal Chanel clothes. I was even more excited after I found a whole bunch of jumbo cocks!

chanel preston with rainbow cock lollipops

I couldn't resist these amazing, yummy cocks, so I took one and sucked on it.

chanel preston sucks on rainbow cock lollipop

And then I shared it with Raylene.

chanel preston and raylene share rainbow cock lollipops

After all the cock sucking, we had to leave on a flight back to L.A. Once again, the flight was amazing.

chanel preston has her legs squished on a plane

Although it was quick, I was very exhausted from my trip, so when I got home, I was hungry...

chanel preston is hungry for the candy cock

...really hungry.

chanel preston is really hungry for the candy cock

........The End.


-XO Chanel

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