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Chanel Preston

Please Tell John Doe to Stop Writing Me

It's funny. I get these messages all the time on Twitter and Facebook, and it's always from people who mean well and think they are being so kind, but they are actually being very naive. They go a little something like this:


Dear [amazing, beautiful and all-knowing] Chanel,

I am so amazed by your beauty. You don't seem like a girl who would ever do porn. You seem very smart and well spoken as well. It is such a shame that such a young, beautiful and talented girl would feel the need to resort to exposing her body and do something as degrading as porn. Had you been more ambitious you could have gone really far in life, done amazing things and not had to resort to a job in porn. But overall, I wish you success in your career and I support you.


John Doe


Thanks, John Doe, but no thanks. I have to continually tell them I didn't resort to porn--I chose to do porn. I know I could have done anything I wanted to and there were many things I thought about doing. Eventually, it came to this, and here I am. It's embarrassing people assume everyone in the industry resorted to this as if they didn't think they could do anything better. I'm not naive to the realities of porn, so I know there are those cases, but seriously, this is ridiculous.

I love what I do. I chose porn because I knew I would do really well and be able to utilize my business smarts the same way I could if I opened up a book store or became a lawyer. Unfortunately some people feel that because it's porn, we are not successful girls. Shame on them! It obviously goes back to people thinking sex is shameful, to which my response is, "Too bad for you, buddy!"

It's interesting. Though probably embarrassed, a parent can still freely admit to someone, "Yeah, my kid has been so lazy. He's 21 and all he does is sit on the couch, eat potato chips and smoke pot. He's way overweight, and I just can't seem to get him to move out on his own."

But a parent would rarely ever say, "My little girl has done so well for herself. She has been doing adult movies and making amazing money. She has really taken care of herself, and she takes her business seriously. I am so damn proud of her!"

So to punish these naughty John Does I am not going to post a sexy pic of me. Bad, John Doe, you have ruined it for everyone. I will however post a weird picture of a girl with... dare I say it... milk... all over her face. Now that I have punished everyone on John's behalf, I hope more people realize they don't have to feel sorry for all of us girls. We don't need it. We're all good. We're having a good time. We're making money, and we're sucking cock. Big deal. Get over it. Amen!

Chanel Preston Blog

XO Chanel

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