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Proud to be a Porn Star

“You have to be born a sex symbol. You don't become one. If you're born with it, you'll have it even when you're 100 years old.” – Sophia Loren


My favorite quote from one of my lifelong idols, Sophia Loren. A woman who met her 37 year old husband when she was 15, a woman who was accused of bigamy, someone who served jail time, and someone who was a devoted mother and a tireless champion for those less fortunate.  Sophia Loren is a woman who did not live with regrets, and she certainly made no apologies for her beauty, her sexuality, or the life that she chose to live.

I will be perfectly and bluntly honest, I have not always loved all of the aspects of being an adult film star, and I have struggled with people’s reactions and judgments, and there have been many days when I have said how much easier it would be to have a career as a doctor, or a teacher. But there has been one thing that has stayed constant for me, I have never regretted for a moment what I do, and I have never felt ashamed of my career.

The most ironic thing that I find is that people seem to feel that being a porn star is just a means to an end and that once it is over, life can or will resume as normal. These people seem to think that while I am in adult entertainment, that I should put certain parts of my life on hold, such as having children, being married, and that I should just accept that what I do is somehow just a rung below what other people do, and live my life accordingly.

Well, I don’t accept any of that, and I will never stop being what I am, or stop being proud of what I am. I am a sexual creature, a sex symbol, and I revel in that fact. My life is like a sexual instruction manual, and if I can make even 10 people’s sex lives more exciting, more enhanced, or more liberated, I’ve completed my mission in life. Not only that, but there will never come a time when I magically stop being an adult film star. Years after I am retired, I will still call myself that, I will still embody that, and I will not ever cease living my life because I fuck and suck on camera.

People ask me what I think of adult film stars who walk away from their “roots”, so to speak, and refuse to do adult themed roles. I have tried to always stay nonjudgmental, as I do not know from where they make their decisions, or the motivation behind their actions. It is also frankly none of my damn business what someone else chooses to do with their life. I can say one thing though, and that is that I will never walk away entirely from adult entertainment. I may stop performing at some point, but I will always support and champion the career that has brought me so much success, happiness, and pride. And I certainly will never accept the idea that I will somehow make a more ideal person, wife, or mother after I have quit doing what I love.

I am a mother, a sexually liberated woman with an amazing love life, and an adult film star. And I’m fucking proud of it.

And with that, some treats for all of you to enjoy!




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