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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

We Were Sheetz To The Wind While At Legz In West Virginia For The Screaming O Stage Show

Martinsburg, WV- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News- Last week we were at the Legz Gentlemens Club in Martinsburg West Virginia for another great Screaming O Club Show and Contest. This time we were working alongside Penthouse Pet of the Year, Exotic Dancer Magazine’s Entertainer of the Year and VH1 Rock of Love Reality Show winner Taya Parker.

We were instantly impressed with the club the first time we walked in as all the employees were great and after taking a tour of the place Thursday night we can say they have a lot going on all the time. There was a second half of the club that they majestically open up at 11pm every Friday and Saturday night by engaging a moving mirrored wall to reveal the second half. The back area is also used for concerts, music acts and parties everyone from 38 Special to 50 Cent has played there. The mechanical bull in the back area was a big hit with a bunch of the brave customers all weekend long.

We noticed they also had some beautiful girls working there and that was a bonus to everything else that was going on. You all know that were not shy about talking to people and making new friends, but Destiny beat us to it.

You see we were lucky enough to have our own spokesperson before we even got there. This girl who was smoking hot beautiful by the way, knew every TV show we had been on .. And told everyone about it from the owner and his wife to all the other girls in the dressing room. “don’t you know Tony from the Bad Girls Club?, How about that HBO show?”
I either need to hire her as my assistant or marry her before it’s too late.

I usually don’t let this happen or talk about it after but another one of the dancers caught my eye and I really wanted to break rules and just jump her in the back, I held my professional stance but man I was thinking of different ways to make this girl remember me and I mean thinking hard .. She was married  and I did not want to push that trap door open at all. She reminded me body and face wise of a burlesque dancer from the Le Teaze dance troupe out of Florida, that girls name was Cherry Von Top.  I am not going to tell you the Legz girls name to protect the innocent..

Anyway with all the very sexy girls I work with around the country sometimes one will stick out but as always it’s on to the next city and the next club… It reminds me of the godfather scene where he says .. We do not question things because this is the life we have chosen for ourselves, we choose to be who we are therefore we can never question the consequences..

Taya Parker was awesome and it was easy to tell why she has won all those awards and has her own stage show in Las Vegas, she is really good on stage. We were really more impressed with her personality though, Taya Parker can adapt to any situation, and if you know traveling feature entertainers you know that is an art in itself.

The Screaming O Shows went well all weekend, Taya co hosted the stage with us and did a great job at that too.

The dancers in the club we so hyped up about doing the contest, I seen them doing shots to prepare.. When Troy would announce I was coming up you would see groups of the dancers headed to the bar to prepare mentally.

For one of the Orgasm contests I pulled this one older lady from the crowd who was there with her friends and she was so embarrassed that we had to almost pull the sound out of her. I noticed her before when she actually jogged to get something for Taya to sign.. She must have at least DDD breasts and when she was trotting over she had to hold them in place as to not knock herself out.. I hunted her down like a deer in the woods when contest time came, and wouldn’t you figure, she won the grand prize after finally letting out a long sexy bunch of moans.

Now this is a bit different but I have to mention the food at the club. Miss Niva has been cooking at the bar for about 13 years. The food in the place was so good I skipped my lunch and ate when I got there.. Then ordered a plate to take back to the room .. Beer battered fries, grilled chicken breast sandwiches, and a club or BLT’s to die for ..one night I traded a chocolate penis for my sandwich, sorry Troy I had to do it once.

The one time we did not eat at the club and that was my fault for ordering too late in the night, we stopped at this connivance store called Sheetz. This is a big chain in the East. I had been to one of these places when I did a gig in Ridgley West Virginia about 5 years ago. They have fresh made sandwiches and burgers sort of liken to a subway in a shell station only the food it about 10% tastier.

Now you order by using this automated touch screen and it asks you what you want and how you want your sandwich built. Then it spits out a receipt you pay and then girl in the deli part makes it. Well the screen kept asking me if I wanted something extra, a piece of bacon, some extra chicken, a special BBQ sauce,  fries, all that. I had been drinking because all 3 of the bartenders at Legz were awesome, and I like drinking, so when the screen asked me something I just pressed yes I do. By the end of my order my sandwich was 13 dollars.
Taya who was not drinking at all ordered more stuff than me, picked up a snack for when she woke up and her bill was still half of what mine was.

While we were waiting for Sarah to prepare our sandwiches, we know her name is Sarah because we must have asked her a dozen silly questions like are the fries good, should Tony get the wheat bread did you bake it yourself, what time did you get here, if Taya asked you for a kiss could you come out from behind the counter?  Sarah was nice but you could tell she wanted us to leave, anyway while we were waiting for Sarah to finish up, Miss Taya Parker, Penthouse Pet of the Year, Exotic Dancer Magazines entertainer of the year, winner of VH1s Rock of love show, decided she had one more dance in her for the night, as the say all the worlds a stage, yes in the Sheetz Gas Station Taya Parker got up on the  counter and did a little dance. Who says petite little pretty models can’t have fun personalities to go with all that. It’s very uncommon but Taya is one of those rare birds. We rule Sheetz in Martinsburg West Virginia Now..

On Saturday night we met the guys that own the Warrior Energy drink company. Very cool guys and the Energy drink was awesome as well, I think they have 3 flavors and they are non carbonated which is a nice change so your stomach does not start hurting while getting all energized.  We made a bunch of different shots at the bar, which Troy gave out for free just for being there at the right time… It was a great addition to the already big weekend.

We would also like to thank or sponsors X-Play Media, Sugar DVD and WET Lubes for giving away prizes all weekend..

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