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Waiting to Exhale

It’s one thing to hold an idea in your head, where its integrity can remain uncompromised, and another to bring it into the real world where any number of things can go wrong.  My “Fatal Seduction” script needed to be creative enough to avoid accusations of plagiarism, but familiar enough to evoke the classic story that inspired it (Fatal Attraction). Likewise, our dialogue had to be original, and our camera angles more “cinematic” than usual.

Most challenging of all, the intangible “tone” of a Sweet Sinema film had to be distinctive from that already offered by my couples studio, Sweet Sinner.

Could it be done? Or more pointedly: could I do it?

Luckily, in Amy and Evan I had a couple that truly wanted to work together and couldn’t wait to have sex. This was evidenced by the fact that after filming an explosive sex scene between them, we shut off our cameras, left the room and came back several minutes later to find them “going at it” again. They just couldn’t keep their hands off each other. We silently picked up our cameras and began to shoot what was without a doubt the most authentic sex scene I ever had the privilege to witness.  This “extra,” private footage was edited into the sex scene we’d already filmed, resulting in one of the most gorgeous, intense, and “absolutely 100% real sex” encounters ever captured on film.

But the proof is in the final cut, and it was with baited breath that I sat with James Avalon to go over the first edit for “Fatal Seduction”.  Had we succeeded in creating a distinctive, fresh new studio –or would our first offering slide just as easily into a Sweet Sinner box? Sweet Sinema needed its own identity to get off the ground, and I could only hope we’d met our goal. As we watched the movie play out on the computer screen, our smiles grew bigger and we breathed a sigh of relief.

We did it.

Early buzz for “Fatal Seduction” notes its “cinematic feel,” “grittiness,” and “intelligence.” By all accounts we have a winner on our hands, but I won’t truly exhale until the fans themselves have spoken.  It’s our fans that have built Sweetheart, Sweet Sinner and now, fingers crossed, Sweet Sinema, and it’s the fans alone I aim to please.

“Fatal Seduction” streets September 14th see you on the other side! (With more Sweet Sinema offerings.)

And now an exclusive sneak peak at the film just for my fans!



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