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Chanel Preston

Review of the Anal Douche

I've worked very hard these last two years. I've had my ups and downs and disappointments and excitements, and I think I'm finally at a point in my career where I finally am getting recognized for the slutty porn star that I am. It's been quite a journey, but I've recently hit a milestone when a company contacted me and and asked if I would be interested in using their products. Never mind that it was a douche company, since I'm sure Chanel will be right behind them knocking at my door to endorse their products. Anyway, I told Streemmaster I would be thrilled to use any product I can put in one, if not all, of my holes.


So, a couple days later I received a package in the mail. I was so excited to open it up and use my brand new toy. It wasn't pink like I had requested since I don't think they make pink ones but that's ok. I was completely satisfied with the color red. I decided to use it the next time I had an anal scene when I needed a proper "clean out"; then I could give it the Chanel Preston review.


And so the day soon came, and I hung the anal douche in my shower and began the journey. It was nice. It hung easily on my shower head and it had an extra tube to allow extra water to run out so it didn't overflow. I felt it cleaned me out well and it was super easy to use. I will have to give this product a good review and will most definitely be using it again, probably as soon as tomorrow, since I need to prepare for my anal scene the following day.


I know this was a short blog but I felt it important to try the gratis that was given to me and let the world know what I thought, since that was the point of giving it to me for free in the first place. Thank you Streemmaster for my new anal douche. You will be in my heart and ass for a long time to come! ;)


-XO Chanel


chanel glammed up in a black dress

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