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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

Aspen Reign Wins Miss Nude World Pageant For The 5th Time


Des Moines, IA- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  Last week the  48th running of the Miss Nude World Pageant took place at the Big Earls Goldmine in Des Moines Iowa. The of Miss Nude World 2012 was on the line during the three night competition where Exotic Dancing Feature Entertainers came in from all over the world to compete for the crown.

The event was hosted by yours truly, our 5th time as the Emcee of the Miss Nude World Pageant, Miami, Myrtle Beach, Des Moines we have been there several times and enjoyed our selves every time.

In this latest pageant the ladies all did a great job, as they always do, the shows that these Features perform on the stage are incredible and mind blowing.

By Saturday night, the final night of the pageant, the contestants were narrowed down by preliminary round scores and then they all performed 2 separate shows to be scored by the judges and then the winners were to be announced at the end of the night.

Finishing as the the 2nd runner up was Australian Champion Cassandra Jane; Cassandra performed 2 very precise burlesque type themed shows that had the crowd in awe the entire time she was on stage.  She had the perfect outfits, the most elegant moves and a body that seemed to be made just to dance. In her final performance of the competition the club computer froze up and the room went silent for at least a couple of minuets.  Being the true professional that she is Cassandra continued on with her show without the music and made the best of the situation.. We personally loved her style and grace.

Finishing as the 1st runner up was 2 time Canadian Champion Kelly Kayne; Kelly has got to have some of the most incredible stage and dance moves we have ever seen in the world, One handed hand stands, pole tricks that defied gravity and everything else, she got a couple of standing ovations during her weekend of stage shows. Her ariel hoop show was awesome and it was easy to see that the Canadian dancers train hard on their stage moves and pole tricks, she was incredible and as we did when we hosted the Miss Nude Canada Pageant, we applauded every jaw dropping move.

Finishing first and crowned Miss Nude World for the 5th time was American Aspen Reign; Aspen’s stage shows are legendary throughout the world as being as over the top as possible in the venue that hosts them. Aspen is strikingly beautiful with an always tanned body, long blonde hair and perfect smile. When it came to hard driving, pulse pumping hard core shows, she had it down perfectly. Traveling with a technically brilliant stage manager, Aspen was able to light up the crowd with a light and stage show that you might see at a late night rave. Always energized on stage Aspen’s pirate show blew the crowd away. We have to mention her glow stick ending which is much different than anything you have ever seen before, and before we left we named her full sized animated pirate “Red Eye Jack”

We have several stories to tell you about our week in Des Moines Iowa, so look right here for more updates on the Miss Nude World 2012 Pageant, Congratulations to Aspen Reign on her 5th Miss Nude World…. We hear rumor that this was Aspen’s swan song when it come to competing in pageants,keep posted for more info soon.

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Photos credits Richard Kent, Brian AssDragon, Ricky Rich

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