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Tony Batman

Tony Batman

Our Stage Show Was One Night Of Crazy In Columbus Ohio


Columbus,OH- Tony Batman’s A Entertainment News-  Last Thursday in Columbus Ohio we were getting ready for our Screaming O stage show at the Ugly Tuna Saloona, which was on “Bar row” in front of the Ohio State University. Wicked Pictures star jessica drake was signing at the Lions Den Adult Store, and then giving a educational talk at another Lions Den store, then we were all to meet at the Ugly Tuna and rock the stage. Let me step back and tell you the whole story.

We arrived in Columbus Ohio where Daniel from the screaming o picked us up at the airport and took us to the hotel ..

We then we  to eat at a downtown place called the “Elevator” which was also a brewery .. It was early afternoon so it was slow but the food was good and my chicken breast in my salad was huge . We cold tell it was a historic place by how old it was, or at least it looked historic.

I hung at the hotel for a while while jessica drake did her signings at the lions dens and then it was show time, the Screaming O Stage show was all set for the Ugly Tuna Saloona.

When we got to the club it was already packed and we had to be escorted to the stage, jessica drake was already there with taking pictures and giving away Wicked pictures swag to the crowd .. You have to love when a place is packed and full of energy when you arrive for a stage show, it just makes it so much better.

Our Dj who is also a rapper, Cameron Grey was cool as hell and was very accommodating to everything we needed during the night.  Really cool dude and his entourage was cool as well and were helpful .. We had just as much fun with them as we did the crowd, By the way Cam’s new album is awesome as well, we watched the first music video off of it when we got home and it is just plain bad ass, we hope to come back to Columbus just to be in Cameron Grey’s next video, although we already jumped out of a plane a couple of times, so we want a different role in the next one…

jessica  did her contest first and I have to say it was pretty fun. Blow up dolls, blind folds, and a pink riding crop to spank people .. How could you go wrong?  jessica made people do some funny stuff and at one point one guy had a blindfold on while another guy spanked him, you have to see her show it will make you laugh.

We started our Screaming O show with shots of tequila .. That’s where our screaming o team knocks back some shots to start our contest just to feel at one with the people in the crowd ..Don’t worry we kept affirming our oneness with the crowd by matching them drink for drink, Man those Ugly Tuna people can party hard….

Then it was orgasm time .. We had no shortage of volunteers, we always have tons of girls on stage when we do the show at a mainstream club, and it was very advantageous that we were at the entrance to the Ohio State University on college bar row ..

Our first contest was the Big O, screaming orgasm contest, and we had some hot girls on the stage with us, I was thinking someone is going to turn out to be a big freak and just blow it out of the water. The first girl was ok, then the second girl was like a robot, screaming some odd, off key, things that made me and the crowd look at her and say “What was That”..? So before we went any further I showed them how a girl is suppose to do it…

I learned a few things from hosting the Screaming O show around the world for the past 3 years. I gave the mic to the next girl and she did much better, then the next, then the next… In the end a hot blond girl won the contest all on audience applause.

The Screaming O Sucker Contest was next, its really a Blow Job contest, and the stage is usually full of experienced girls, with a couple of girls who practiced on carrot sticks at home alone.. One of the girls got so much blow job slobber on her sucker that it dripped off her chin and on to the stage, Clean up on Isle One… We had a great time all night long on stage and I can not wait to go back there..

Thank you to the Screaming O, Wicked Pictures, jessica drake, Lions Den, Cam Grey, and the Ugly Tuna Saloona for making out 20 hours in Columbus Ohio so great.

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