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Kayden Kross: Dr. Jay's Performer of the Week

Kayden Kross Performer of the Week

OK, so the holiday season is winding to a close. I sincerely hope that you got some awesome gifts this season and would like to share with you one of the best gifts I've ever received...my association with the superlative Kayden Kross. I'll address my words of gratitude directly to her. But, you, my loyal readers, are welcome to read them, too!

Kayden, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

  1. First, you are one of the classiest women I've ever met. I have had the opportunity to have met with you and had dinner with you on a few occasions and I've found you to be confident, poised, funny, insightful, and able to converse intelligently on any topic we discussed. (Do you remember the time we had a knock-down drag-out [just kidding!] conversation about which is better...the iPhone or the iPad? Whereas I live on my iPad, you preferred the iPhone.) Perhaps your confidence and conversationalist attributes are due to your college education. Or, perhaps your qualities are the result of a deep-set conviction that you are the best.
  2. Second, your classical beauty blows me away. You have hair of spun gold, a wholesome and attractive face, mesmerizing blue eyes, and a body that is truly a piece of art. I adore your nipples when you're excited.
  3. Third, you are one of the best actresses in adult. In Digital Playground's big fall release, Fighters, you played a rich young woman neglected by your tycoon father. Desperate to fill the hole his absence has left in your heart, you work valiantly to prove yourself any way you can. So, against the advice of your friends and personal trainer, you take up boxing and end up duking it out in the ring with your Digital Playground sister, Jesse Jane. Immediately after I saw your scene, I emailed you and said: "I think you are the finest actress in adult. Period. Thanks for being so damned good." I mean those words, Kayden. Your performance was so real, so believable that we, the audience, could connect with you on several planes. Of course, Fighters is not your only acting triumph of the year. I also saw you superbly portray the wronged wife of a philandering husband in Escort. And, in Payment, you realistically portrayed the role of a woman whose sex drive is so strong that you simply cannot get enough from your husband. So, you hire male studs (including Manuel Ferrara and James Deen) to augment your hubby. Unbeknownst to you, however, your husband's lust is also insatiable and he pays luscious Madison Ivy for a little on-the-side nookie. About your pivotal role in Body Heat, I wrote: "The plot development leading up to this scene is extraordinarily well executed. In particular, Kayden's performance is sublime." Even though I could catalog dozens of your performances, I'll conclude with The 8th Day. In my review of that movie, I wrote: "Kayden's acting and sexual performances are award-worthy. Hell, if she doesn't take AVN and XRCO Best Actress Awards, I'll be surprised." No matter what role you play, you are always believable and become your character. Extremely few porn stars can say that!
  4. Fourth, you love to have your pussy eaten. You react volcanically to cunnilingus and almost always climax when your partner goes down on you. I never get tired of watch some lucky guy engorge himself on your pussy. I could do it for hours and hours without tiring (that's a hint, Kayden!).
  5. Fifth, you love sucking cock. In fact, I think it's safe to say that you worship cock. Without a doubt, you give eager blowjobs and really enjoy sucking and stroking penises. When I watched your scene with Marcus London in Payment, I couldn't help but observe that you give Marcus one of the most erotic, sweet, and considerate blowjobs I've ever witnesses. You got so excited that your nipples swelled large and proud!
  6. Sixth, I love how you squeal whenever your male partner enters you. For example, in Escort your squeal of delight proved to Manuel Ferrara that you were having the time of your life. Do you know what that does to your man's ego?
  7. Seventh, your sexual performances are so fucking real and your pleasure is undeniable. Regarding your scene in Not Airplane XXX: Flight Attendants, I wrote: "Kayden's face beams with bliss--and her whole body exudes sexuality--throughout the entire scene. Kayden loves to fuck and it shows!" And, in my review of Kayden's College Tails, I noted: "Kayden's demonstrativeness is unparalleled. There can be absolutely no doubt about what she feels and the pleasure she experiences. Her deep-felt shouts and moans, coupled with her adroit use of nasty language, tells all." Kayden, none of your couplings are "average" or "ordinary." Indeed, it is obvious that you pour your heart, soul, lust, and unbridled passion into each and every scene...and it shows. The result is untold pleasure for yourself, your partners, and those of us who are lucky enough to watch your scenes.
  8. You cum like a volcano! I always say that I watch porn to see pretty girls cum. You definitely meet both of my criteria. But, in addition to meeting my needs, you go far beyond when you giggle, convulse, and shudder when you climax. I noted, in my review of The Smiths, that: "Kayden's orgasms are strong, long, and often. Damn! I can't imagine anybody who wouldn't want to experience her pleasure when she cums so explosively!" Kayden, giving a woman the kind of orgasm you experience is one of the most satisfying things a man can do. The way you react really reinforces your partner's sense of power. We men love it.
  9. You respect mens' semen. If your guy gives you a mouthful, you swallow it...you don't spit it out disrespectfully or waste it. I particularly like how you responded to Marcus London's pop in Payment. You giggle with delight and exclaim: "That's fucking awesome! while you watch his sperm explode from his dick and land all over your beautiful vagina and belly.
  10. You more than hold your own in group scenes. For example, your participation in the all girl orgy in Body Heat cannot fail to be noticed. You're always in the thick of things, giving and taking with enthusiasm and aplomb.

Kayden, knowing you has been one of the highlights of my life. Even better than knowing Jenna Jameson.

Of course, Kayden has been in many other movies, too. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.

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