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My Top Ten Movies of 2011: Part Three

Well it's finally time to finish the countdown of the 10 best movies that I reviewed for Xcritic this year. When I last posted we had just left off with my #5 movie of the year. So why don't we continue on, leading up to the big reveal, my #1 movie of 2011.

#4 Stoya: Web Whore from Digital Playground

Link to full review: ( http://www.xcritic.com/review/37397/stoya-stoya-web-whore/ )

Two Digital Playgroud movies in a row, and no big surprise that they both star Stoya. That may be a little hint, as to what made it a great movie. But as stated in my review, this movie is also filled with some sexy blondes, including Kagney and Alexis, with Stoya being the only brunette in the movie. This was easily a top pick for me, and was even better cause it was one that I went out and made sure I got a copy for my own, before waiting to see if I was lucky enough to be able to get it to review for the site. 

Trailer and BTS can be found here: http://digitalplayground.com/store/video-details.php?id=314

Favorite Scene: This was was actually pretty hard to decide on, as it came down to either the threesome with Kagney or the one with Stoya. I feel pretty safe in calling it a tie, as they both are great scenes. You can make your choice on your personal preferences.


#3 Young at Heart from Wicked Pictures

Link to full review: ( http://www.xcritic.com/review/37300/brad-armstrong-young-at-heart/ )

I like to refer to this movie, as a great way to overcome a midlife crisis, as Brad plays a guy who just wants to feel young again. And along the way he runs into many sexy young ladies, who all help him forget about getting old. This is just a great way to imagine how my upcoming midlife crisis should go, in a dream world. of course. Every single lady was sexy and amazing in their scene, but you can guess that just by the fact I gave this our highest rating, and how high it is on my top ten of the year.

Trailer can be found here: http://wickedb2b.com/movies/young-at-heart

Also take a look at the cover, kind of great huh. Happy Birthday indeed.

Favorite Scene: Once again I have a hard time just picking one, and it looks like we have yet another tie, between the Brad and Lela Star ( at the tanning place) scene and the Brad and Madison Ivy scene (during a workout in the gym). But being this high in my list, it's another one that you will enjoy it all, numerous times.

#2 Horizon from Wicked Pictures

Link to full review: ( http://www.xcritic.com/review/37632/jessica-drake-horizon/ )

As the big releases started to ship, I was really looking forward to checking out what Wicked was bringing to the table. The last few years, I have to say that I have really enjoyed their big release of the year, Speed or 2040 or even Fallen. But the one twist this year, was that Brad was not behind the camera this time, Sam Hain both wrote and directed this big sci-fi movie for Wicked, using the famed Red camera. And we were also given a choice to watch it on DVD or Blu-ray, but not much a choice, as the Blu-ray version looked amazing on a nice HD TV. Even though I missed out on reviewing the other big releases, after watching this, I was ok with that.

Trailer and pics can be found here: http://www.wickedb2b.com/movies/horizon

And it also included a ton of special features, including numerous bonus scene featuring some of the lovely ladies in this movie. 

Favorite Scene: Knowing me and my reviews, you would think that the Alektra threesome would be the easy choice. Well it was a great scene, but I think the Misty and Bill scene, plus the Kimberly and Aiden scene (a good way to check your brightness levels on your TV) were the ones that really stick out. 

And that is going to bring us the #1 Spot, and I think this can be summed up by one word alone,

My #1 movie of 2011 is Sexy from Wicked Pictures

full review here: ( http://www.xcritic.com/review/37700/jessica-drake-sexy/ )

That's right folks, it's not just a clever name, but a great way to describe this movie. It's a journey from Brad Armstrong and our MC, played by James Bartolet, who take us a journey of some great music, combined with some very sexy people, with some great dancing thrown in to really turn up the heat. And we get a variety of all those things in this movie, so there should be a little something there for you. And this also had some great BTS footage of the filming, plus some of the tryouts, with some very familar faces. And like in my review, this looked amazing on DVD, but I really, really want to see this in all of it's glory in Blu-ray. That is my one real request.

Trailer can be found here: http://www.wickedb2b.com/movies/sexy

Favorite Scene: at the top of my list for this movie, is the Brandy and Barry scene, in which she is nominated for Best Tease in the upcoming AVNs. But you can't forget about the big finale with Jessica, Alektra, Kaylani and Brandy. And speaking of Brandy, this was my first experience seeing her on screen, and I am looking forward to seeing more of her in the future.


So that is it for 2011, and I am looking forward to what 2012 may bring. Let me just say once more, this top ten is my personal top ten from the numerous movies I was able to review this year, I was not able to watch every movie that I would have loved to. But I am not saying these top ten movies are bad, I feel they all derserve some attention and recognition, and some are AVN nominated, so I feel pretty good about my list

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