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Bailey Jay: Dr. Jay's Performer of the Week

Bailey Jay

This week's performer of the week is adorable, cute, and sexy. She has an endearing smile, a captivating personality, and an enormous appetite for sex. Her body is curvy, feminine, well toned, and features nicely-enhanced perky tits. She also has a six-inch, fully-functional, and cum spewing penis!

This remarkable creature is none other than the 2012 AVN Transsexual Performer of the Year, Bailey Jay. She also won the same award in 2011. And, she was nominated for the XBIZ Transsexual Performer of the Year in both 2011 and 2012.

You might wonder how Bailey came to my attention. After all, if you read my reviews and articles, you know I worship pussy. But, I also take my AVN Awards judge responsibility very seriously. And, since Transsexual Performer of the Year is one of the categories, I watch the nominees' scenes.

Frankly, I am seldom impressed by transsexual scenes. To me, most of the trannsexuals look and act like guys with boob jobs. Not Bailey Jay. She's definitely a woman...with a dick. From the way she walks to her expressions to her manner to her girlish giggle, she's feminine all the way.

Over the years I've been an AVN judge, I've come to want several things from transsexuals. To catch my attention, a tranny must:

  • Look like a girl;
  • Act like a girl;
  • Get hard...and stay hard;
  • Be able to penetrate her partner; and
  • Ejaculate.

Most transsexuals don't come close to meeting my desires. Bailey Jay does. By the way, so does Vaniity, whom I met once at a trade show and had no idea she is transsexual.

Many transsexuals who are quite beautiful can't keep it up or pop. Others get hard and can fuck their partners, but aren't very attractive. Most can't stay hard during sex. So, you can see why I am so impressed with Bailey Jay. Bailey Jay is all woman and all man. She is the perfect transsexual.

Here are some of Bailey's latest photos. She sent them to me after this blog originally appeared. Wow!


If you're a straight guy, you may be wondering why you should watch a transsexual fuck. Here are some things for you to consider:

  • We crave--often even expect--a male porn stud to ream his female partner's asshole with his dick or with a toy. So, we must not think there is anything wrong with anal sex.
  • Most porn chicks who do anal sex really enjoy it. Watch Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, or Kelly Divine if you doubt my words. These girls love anal sex and derive intense pleasure from it. Isn't pleasure what it's all about?
  • We applaud when a girl dons a strap-on and fucks another girl's asshole with the toy. So, there must not be anything wrong with a girl fucking another girl's asshole.
  • Those of us who are kinky enjoy watching "pegging," the practice where a woman straps on a dick and fucks her male partner. So, there must not be anything objectionable about a woman reaming a guy's anus.
  • So, what could possibly be wrong watching a woman with a real dick pounding the vagina or asshole of a woman or the anus of another transsexual or male? Answer? Nothing.

I've spent enough time on my soap box. To me, pleasure is what sex is all about. So long as all the partners in a sexual encounter give and receive pleasure, it's all good.

To begin to explore the phenomenon of Bailey Jay, I suggest you begin with She-Male Idol: The Auditions 2 directed by Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. In this solo-only scene, you'll get to listen to her respond to Joey's questions in a delightful interview, do a little strutting for the camera, strip down, play with a toy, and jack off. My colleague Harry Johnson, admitedly not a previous fan of transsexual sex, describes Bailey as a "black-haired beauty (who) is a cutie with pigtails and a very feminine look." Harry finds Bailey very attractive and notes: "She's cause for the argument that she-males can be very attractive..." And, he finds her to be, like I did, "the best, most convincing, girl on this release."

To watch Bailey Jay get it on with another transexxual who really turns me on, Vaniity, check out Highly Recommended and AVN Best Transsexual Release winner The Next She-Male Idol 3, also directed by Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. I completely agree with my friend Apache Warrior when he writes: "Vaniity and Bailey Jay provide very hot cocksucking action...These two ladies are super cocksucking performers." Bailey even outshines luscious Vaniity. Indeed, Apache Warrior notes that: "Even though Vaniity works over Bailey Jay nicely, it is Bailey who puts on an incredible effort as she fucks her partner solidly." This is a very enjoyable and cum-spewing scene that is intensely pleasurable for both Vaniity and Bailey Jay.

Keeping with Joey Silvera's titles, you should also check out another AVN Best Transsexual Release nominee, She Male Police. Domino Presley plays a cop who tries to bust Bailey Jay for being a slut. As porn plots usually do, sex quickly intervenes as Domino shares kisses with Bailey and suckles her perky tits. Soon full-on fellatio has both girls' dicks long and hard, dicks that they use to fuck each other into ecstasy. Both girls get off, splattering each other with their loads. My colleague, Felix Vasquez gave this hot flick a "Highly Recommended" rating. I totally concur.

While reviewing movies for the AVN awards, I also really enjoyed watching Transsexual Superstars: Bailey Jay. Bailey Jay is featured in all five of this movie's scenes and does a solo scene that is quite incredible. Purportedly the most popular scene featured on her site, Bailey wraps herself into a circle and jacks off into her own mouth. She also fucks one of the prettiest transsexuals you'll ever see, Sarina Valentina.

One final word for you straight guys and gals: note that I've mentioned four reviews of Bailey Jay's work, each provided by a different male critic. And, in her not-so-enthusiastic review of Bailey Jay is Line Trap, my female colleague, Crazy Slutty, gushes "Bailey is smokin' hot, very cute, looks like a girl, knows how to dress cute and sexy and slutty like a girl would and seems to have a nice cock. And when she cums, it's hot, and she even licks it up!" We all like Bailey Jay. It's OK for you to like her, too.

Bailey Jay has appeared in movies not mentioned above. You can read all our reviews of her scenes by clicking here.


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