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Sinn Sage is A Force To Be Reckoned With


 Last July I shot my first movie in four years. The title is Lesbian Ass Worship.  It is my pride and joy, because it was my first movie back, and I was told, “Do whatever you want.” Naturally I made an ass worship movie because I LOVE ass.  Specifically, big, round asses.  I also love assholes, but that’s another blog topic.  Shooting Lesbian Ass Worship for me was tantamount to being a little kid in Toys R’ Us with a black Amex—I not only shot amazing face sitting and ass-licking, but I also got to play with Karlie Montana’s ass.  I love her with the fire of a thousand suns.  Sorry, I always try to work Karlie Montana into all my conversations.  Sometimes it works, other times it’s so out of context that I come off as weird, like when I talked to the cashier at Whole Foods.  Anyway, it was through shooting Lesbian Ass Worship that I met Sinn Sage.  During the casting process, both Celeste Star (who is fucking amazing and I will devote a whole post to her later), and Karlie Montana (one day I will marry her and we will live in a commune) raved about Sinn.  I was like, who is this Sinn Sage character? I looked her up, saw her amazing ass and hot-as-fuck body and thought to myself, how come she’s not sitting on my face right now? More importantly, how do I get her in my movie? I figured she’d be great to shoot with Celeste Star.  I got in touch with her and shot her with Celeste.  I almost died.  That is, I felt like I was going to die.  Seriously, I had a migraine brought on by general stress, learning to shoot stills and then not enough coffee.  The scene was incredible, and I struggled to keep up with Sinn and Celeste’s intensity as my head felt like it had an ax protruding from it. 

 Sinn Sage-Bootylicious

After that scene I went on to shoot Sinn in other scenes, and was honored when she asked me to shoot camera for her directorial debut “Sinn Sage’s A-Cup Lesbians.” I’ve been shooting her regularly for Sweetheart Video, and am continually left stunned and slack-jawed by her performances.  She’s compelling, for lack of a better word.  I shot her over a week ago with Francesca Le, and was so delighted when the cameras turned off and Sinn and Francesca KEPT GOING.  These women are the real thing.  When I watch Sinn I see a woman who wants to be there—exactly where she is and doing what she’s doing.  Sinn is never indifferent, and always present.  It should always be like that in porn, but often it isn’t.


After shooting Sinn in July, I quickly added her to my roster of “go-to” girls—my mental list of strong and aggressive performers who are also good to put with newer, less experienced girls.  For each scene Sinn would show up, usually looking a little like a skater, carrying a backpack, wearing glasses and holding a huge cup of Starbucks coffee.  It’s fun to watch the transformation happen.  Sinn is always hot, but usually understated when I see her off-camera.  She’s got this robust, healthy body with a muscular stomach and these strong legs.  I am partial to what I call “healthy girls.”  I like girls that look like they play soccer or field hockey and have good skin.  It’s just my thing—reminds me of being at Mills and seeing the girls play soccer, or fapping to girls on my rowing team.  Ok, fine, I fucked two of the girls on my team.  It really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Anyway, Sinn also has these crazy, sexy eyes.  One time, on the Dr. Suzy Show last October, I accused her of trying to hypnotize me with them.  She was on top of me and molesting my armpit.  For those of you who don’t know I love armpits, and abhor deodorant.  Sinn was totally going to town on my armpits and then would stop and stare into my eyes.  I was turned on, but also really nervous and a little intimidated because I’m awkward and have no game.  Sinn, however, is a force to be reckoned with. 

Sinn is unique and special in an industry filled with generically pretty, cookie cutter girls who all kind of run together to such a degree that I can never remember what they look like after meeting them or seeing them in movies or pictures.  Sinn’s beauty is both accessible and unusual: nobody looks like her, nobody has that insane butt, and she gives the impression that she could give a fuck what you think anyway…which is hot. 

 Me & Sinn

So ends my ode to Sinn Sage. I feel really fortunate to be able to perform with, and shoot, girls like Sinn.  She is a constant reminder, along with Celeste Star, Karlie Montana, Samantha Ryan, Jelena Jensen, Lily Cade, Asa Akira, Sovereign Syre and Kara Price (to name a few) of why I shoot, and why I perform.  The full reason why I shoot and perform is for another time.  I have to go to bed now… I’m shooting Sinn tomorrow! :D


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