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Off the record and very hush-hush.

Political D.P.

Since Dubya seized power in 2000, we've been feeling the cold chill of God's people breathing down our necks.  Religious wackjobs always like to single out pornography as a huge threat to....something.  Couple of decades ago the Republican Party sold out to the religious crazies and GOP began to stand for God's Own Party.  So thankfully we have the Democratic Party right?  They'll stand up for individual's rights right?  They'll keep religion out of our bedrooms right?  Well yes and no.  The Democratic Party is no better than the Republican one when it comes to the adult industry.

Case in point.  Today on the Huffington Post, Jackson Katz blogs about how terrible and anti-woman it is for Dennis Kucinich to allow Larry Flynt to host a fund-raiser for his presidential campaign.  This is the same Huffington Post that takes on the Bush Administration and their ilk at every opportunity.  This blog from Katz sounds as if it's ripped right from the right-wing playbook.  "Porn is anti-woman", "Flynt is sexist", etc.  If you didn't know better you'd think Rev. Falwell or James Dobson had authored this.  (Note:  Never good to be compared to those 2)

So we basically get fucked from both sides, hence the DP.  Republicans try to fuck us to win brownie points with their religious base, and Democrats fuck us to try and be "progressive" to win favor with feminists.  I hate to even say feminists because there are plenty of feminist movements that support a woman's right to perform sexual intercourse for the purpose of giving others sexual pleasure.  Funny that Dems are pro-choice on abortion because "a woman's body is her own to do with as she pleases", unless she is pleased to show it off for sexual expression, then she's only doing it at the behest of sexists like Flynt apparently. 

You'd think that things like this would backfire on the Democratics, but sadly since most people in this country can't admit that they jerk off, we wind up in a situation where no one comes to rescue us.  Even the libertarian candidate Ron Paul (technically Republican) would turn over our fates to those state courts whom would stop at nothing to eliminate all sexual expression from your lives and imprison those that resist them.

So my earlier blog about candidates is even more relevant now.  If you value your freedom to watch, own, or perform in pornography, then choose your candidate carefully.  This isn't an instance where any party is a safe bet.

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