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12 Reasons Why 2012 Has Been Pretty Awesome

As we are making the final turn and heading down the final stretch for 2012, I figured there are a few things I would like to point out, that have made 2012, a great year so far. If you have been keeping up with my reviews and posts, you will remember a previous post about some ladies I hope to see more of this year. Well I can say that 3 of those ladies have been upgraded and are just a few of the reasons 2012 has been awesome.

Now I would like to make a few disclaimers, one, this is based on the movies I have been able to review so far for Xcritic this year, so you may be wondering why a few ladies aren't on this list. And secondly, due to a failing DVD drive, most of these pics are going to be ones that I finding via a Google image search.

These are in no particular order, I am not going to make this post more difficult or hurt any feelings, by ranking this girls, they are all winners in my book, and I hope you agree or will agree after reading this.


Lily Carter was not the only reason I hung around the Elegant Angel booth at AVN/AEE last January. I had seen Holly in action before then and I was impressed, and I can say I was even more impressed when I saw her in Vegas. She has a great energetic personality and an amazing body to go along with that. And that energy flows into her scenes, which makes her scenes very memorable. And when I heard she did a scene with Dani Daniels for her movie, Dani, I can say that I was a little excited about what I was going to see. And I would say that Elegant Angel is really doing a great job of highlighting her and fingers crossed that maybe we will get a movie centered around her for their big September line? We should all be on the lookout for her in Gangbanged 4, hopefully one I will get to review. And if you are a member of any of the various web sites likes Brazzers, Naughty America or even Porn Pros, be sure and look for her scenes there too. And with most of the girls on this list, be sure and give her a follow on Twitter and let her know how much you love her work,

#2 Remy Lacroix

And speaking of Elegant Angel, who is going to be mentioned a few times in this post, so get used to it. I was introduced to the lovely and adorable Remy via the Elegant Angel podcast. And after the podcast, and seeing her movie, I knew she had a special place on my radar. And were all shocked to hear that she was going to leaving the industry, but lucky for us, she has a few more shoots scheduled, so we should have plenty of Remy to enjoy the rest of 2012. And if I remember correctly, or maybe I was dreaming, but I think a scene with her, Dani and Holly is in the works, god I hope that is true.  She will be greatly missed, but I have a feeling we won't be able to forget our favorite hula hooping girl, as she dances and tempts us in our memories. She has been showing up in various Elegant Angel movies so far, and is also featured on most of your favorite web sites, so why not check her out and I am sure you won't be disappointed at all, only disappointed that she is leaving just as she was getting some great and much deserved attention. But you can keep up with her future plans, by following her on Twitter. I am looking forward to hopefully watching/reviewing one of her newer movies, My Anal School Girl, saw some pics and she looks amazing and there is also someone else I look forward to seeing, but more on her later.



#3 Dani Daniels

She is another example of after the first time you see her in action or if you get to see her in person, you are pretty much assured that you are going to fall in love with her. Some of you may not like the fact that she only does girl/girl stuff, but hopefully you can get over it, cause if not you are missing out on some amazing and sexy scenes. She got her very own Elegant Angel film, and you can also add starring and directing a few movies for Filly Films. And if you are on Twitter, she is why Twitter can be an awesome thing, and it's more than just her daily bush/boobs/ass pics. It's also because of the lovely ladies she hangs out, including her BFF Brett Rossi, cause when those two are together, hot lava indeed. And thanks to following her, I can say that she lead me to being a fan of Brett Rossi, Emily Addison, and Taylor Vixen, who have become part of the dream team, and just signed as contract girls for Twistys. So hopefully 2012 will give us plenty of scenes of all these ladies together, hopefully our computers can handle it. And hopefully we will get a few sequels to Dani Dani Yoga Instructor and Dani sometime soon.And if you are a member of Reality Kings, be sure and look for Dani and her sexy friends in pretty much all of the We Live Together scenes.

Emily, Dani and Brett


#4 Lily Carter

Ahhh Lily Carter, I shouldn't need to really say anymore. She hasn't been showing up in many movies so far, but luckily she has been showing up plenty on Brazzers and Porn Pros, to give us our daily dose of Lily. But I can say that the biggest movie of the year, that I am counting down the days till it comes out, is Wasteland from Elegant Angel. We have the same crew behind Portrait of a Call Girl back, and this time we have not Lily Carter, but another lovely Lily, Lily Labeau starring in the movie. It's early and I haven't even seen the movie yet, but I think Elegant Angel and the Lilys will be taking home a few awards at this year's AVN. And I am sure that movie will be played over and over and over again until it can't be played anymore. Hopefully a Bluray version will come out to make sure it lasts long enough. I am hoping that this years AVN will be full of plenty of Lily for me, plenty of pics and hopefully an interview, although I am sure I will be a nervous wreck for most of it. Just have to keep telling my self, no drooling. You know that scene in Wayne's World when he keeps seeing his dream girl, yeah that pretty much sums it up. And you should already be following her on Twitter, but if not, just click here.



#5 Kendall Karson

I first got a glimpse of this lovely lady, as she graced the cover of Innocence of Youth and pretty much had me won over since then. She hasn't really showed up in too many movies, for me, the rest of the year, but she has been spending lots of time showing up in various scenes for Porn Pros, to keep her fresh in my mind. It's been a good year so far for her, gracing many covers, so I am sure you have seen her a few times. And hopefully you enjoyed her scenes as much as her covers. If you enjoyed the picture above, that is just a taste of what you have to look forward to, if you give her a follow on Twitter.


#6 Riley Reid

This is just another example of me being a little slow and old. Going into AEE/AVN last January, I had no idea who she was, and I can say that totally changed by the time I left. I made sure and bought a copy of her movie for Jules Jordan, which just so happen to include a scene with Lily Carter. I think someone is out to test my heart, cause they gave us an amazing scene together and it even got our highlight as Scene of the Week. 2012 is going to be a very big year for her and I have a feeling she may end up with a few awards herself at AVN. She has popped up numerous times, and that is not the only thing that popped up, wink, wink. I am really looking forward to seeing her career continue to boom. I think that one, of the many reasons, I enjoy her work, she reminds me of Jenna Haze, and with her retirement, luckily we have a girl like Riley to fill that void. After you are done enjoying a few of her scenes, be sure and give her a follow, you know you want to.



#7 Jenni Lee

This may be the only girl, on this list, that you haven't heard about, yet. I am not sure how I got introduced to this lovely lady, but I have been searching through movies, trying to find more of her work to review. She showed up in one of my reviews for a Naughty America DVD, and if you are a member of Naughty America or Brazzers, she has done more than a few scenes for them. I think what really sticks out, pardon the pun, is when she first steps on the screen, you almost can't hold it in, as she is always dressed sexy as hell. Just the right outfit for each scene, and believe me, she looks just as amazing with those outfits off too. It's that along with the long hair, which I am pretty sure is shorter now, I think, and I was hooked. I just hope that some of the studios give her a chance and more people will get to see her in action, the rest of 2012 and beyond. I am hoping that maybe I can set up an interview with her, just to learn a little more about this sexy lady. But until then, if you would like to know more, you can follow her here.


#8 Erica Fontes

She is just another example that the first time you see her in action, you fall under her spell. it could be the blonde hair, the bubbly personality, the accent, or the boobs. Any of those could be the reason, but seeing her in action is always a great thing. She is the other girl I am looking forward to hopefully watching/reviewing in My Anal School Girls. I would also like to say that if someone makes a 2 Broke Girls parody and she isn't it, that is a huge mistake. So check your dvds and websites, and I dare you to watch her scene and not fall in love with her, like I said there are more than a few reasons. I just hope I get to see much more of her in 2012. I just realized that I wasn't following her on Twitter, but I am not sure if this is her's or not. I clicked follow and we shall see. If any of you out there read this and have her Twitter, please let me know, and I will update this post if needed.


#9 Maddy O'Reily

More like Riley Oh my God. This is another example of yet another girl that Roy and Potter, and the Elegant Angel podcast, are responsible for introducing me to. And I owe you guys a huge thanks for it. I once again was on the hunt for some movies to review of hers, and had to do a little interweb search to find more of her to check out. She mentioned her scene in Bartender, and I added it to my wish list, although fellow review Bill, gave it a great rating. But just hearing her talk about the scene was enough to keep me up and at attention.  She is also going to be highlighted in Bombshells 4 from Elegant Angel, so that is yet another I hope I get to review. And if you like your sex a little on the rough side, this is the girl for you, it seems she doesn't mind be tossed and thrown around in a scene. Pain is pleasure, is her intro on her Twitter page.


#10 Ashley Fires

And even though I can sum up why she is on the list, with one word, Exxxotica. And if you need more an explanation, check out our coverage of the Chicago show here. I am late to party with her, but I can say that I will be on the lookout for her in the future, I have a feeling that me and Bobby Blake are going to fighting over reviewing her movies for the site. And apparently she recently did a scene with Dani Daniels, for We Live Together, and I can't wait to see it. She has raised the bar on how she treats her fans when they come and see her at conventions. And for that, that is why I lady I just met for the first time, a week ago, made this list. You can follow here.


#11 Madison Ivy

I have mentioned her a few times before, but if you haven't been reading, here are just a few highlights, amazing eyes, great body that is just another reason why we need cloning now, and my god, she just oozes sexy when she gives you that look. She is also another girl that has a body that is meant to be in a bikini or dress, but then naked soon after. She has popped up in a few movies, but if you really want to see more of her, just look her up on Brazzers, Naughty America, and especially Porn Pros. She is one of the main reason I always take a look at the DVDs from the websites, in hopes I can review and share how amazing she can be. And if you like the picture above, you can always see much more like that, if you give her a follow on Twitter. Hopefully see will get to be in a few more movies this year and not just the websites. 


#12 Kortney Kane

And much like Madison Ivy, Kortney is another girl that begs for cloning to be possible, and she has a body that screams for your attention in a dress, on or off (see picture below for proof). She made a great impression on me and Rob at AVN/AEE and both enjoyed seeing her in person. And for me, she was another girl I had hoped to see more of this year, and luckily my wishes were coming true, including a scene in Craving 2, with Alektra Blue. Yeah that was kind of awesome, would have loved to seen a much longer version of that scene, who am I kidding, they could loop it for 24 hours and I'd be happy. And she has done a few scenes with some other favorites of mine and I have survived so far. I have talked her up numerous times and if you are still not aboard the bandwagon, there is still time. You can find her all over the web, and if you want to follow her, go here.



And that is going to wrap this up, 12 reasons why this year has been awesome, and hopefully you have enjoyed these girls as much as I have. If not, there is still time to get all caught up. Just be sure and pace yourself.

 I would also like to add, if you made this list, I am going to make it my goal to be sure and get a video interview with you at the next convention I see you at. So let's keep in touch and work out some details.





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