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Leya Falcon

Excited to Join Xcritic!

I was sitting in the hair salon getting my horribly grown out stems (or what normal people would call "roots") bleached just browsing Twitter when I came across a tweet from Xcritic stating that they were looking for new critics. I responded to this tweet in saying that I would love to be a part of the team but with me being a performer I was sure it disqualified me but shortly thereafter I found myself exchainging emails with Chris from Xcritic saying that he would love to have me on the team so now I am officially a blogger/critic for Xcritic and I am ecstatic about this!


I have always loved writing and figured I would be a really good critic because I tell it how it is, I do not sugar things or beat around the bush, if something is good I will tell you and the same goes for if something is bad. I figured there are no other performers out there reviewing scenes so it would be good for porn fans to read my reviews because they can trust I know what is worth watching and what is not because I make scenes as well and know all of the different factors that play into making a great scene/film and also can recognize when a film is not so good. All of my reviews will remain unbiased and contain my honest and professional opinion.


I was also asked to write blogs on here and I agreed to do this as you can very well see. I guess this is just another outlet for me to express myself and be involved in other aspects of this industry that I love so much besides just performing. I will continue to write my column for AInews.com as well as perform so basically I have my hands full and I love it.


I am very tired today but just wanted to make a brief introduction and say hello Xcritic!!


Very excited to be here and apologize for any grammatical errors or run on sentences I may put in my blog, this blog is like twitter, my "informal" writing outlet only in more than 140 characters!!

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