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Leya Falcon

Measure B is Con-DUMB!

Yes, I said it. I do not agree on the LA ballot measure B and am sick of our industry being attacked for no good reason! I think anyone that votes yes on this ballot should first be made to film a porn with a condom (which makes it much more difficult to complete the scene) then have thier rights to view pornography taken from them just like they want to take away the performers right to choose what is best for our bodies. Do these people realize that by voting yes they would also be driving out most of the industry to another county or state and therefore Or do they not even care that by driving this industry to another state that thier childrens education (if they are in the public school system) will be compromised, the roads will be even shittier than they already are and thier taxes will probably be raised as well? Are we seriously arguing over a piece of rubber here?!


If a performer (or a production) chooses to use condoms, that is great and SHOULD remain a CHOICE! My personal beliefs are that condoms dont do anything, they do more harm than good when they are involved on a porn set because of the way scenes are filmed it does lead to micropscopic tears in the vagina that make the performer even more susceptible to and infection if they did happen to come across it. We are CONSENTING adults, we test every 14-28 days so what is the problem here? We KNOW there are risks of being a performer but the risk is so low and the rewards of performing far outweigh those risks. In fact, there is a bigger risk of catching an STD from someone you randomly pick up at the bar that is untested and does not necessarily see the need to maintain current tests and healthy genitals because it is not how they provide for thier families.


So AHF wants us performers to wear condoms on set because of the "health risk," then I think that mainstream actors should have to wear dental dams to kiss in order to prevent the transmission of cold sores, a cold or the flu. Mainstream stuntmen should not be allowed to perform stunts without full body protective gear, dress them up like the Michellin Man so that they do not take the health risks they knew were a part of the job when they applied. What if one of these mainstream actors kiss and accidently cut the others lip with thier tooth because they slip? There is a risk of HIV right there. God forbid the stuntman fall and get so little as a scratch and blood starts seeping out from thier wound, if they are HIV infected that is also a risk! If AHF cares about "public health and safety" then they should apply these "safety mesaures" to ALL industries and NOT just the one that involves sex!


Now that I am done with my little rant I need to say thank you to Bill Margold (My mentor that also gave me my name) for the slogan I have been using and for being one of the few people out there that has fought tooth and nail for this industry and continues to do so! His organization, PAW is something I support 100% because it is not politically driven, it is there solely for the best interests of the performers. For more information please check out www.PawFoundation.org


On a side note, I also want to thank @seandps for being the first here on Xcritic to take notice and see my potential and featuring me on his blog as a "new and fresh face" before I even became a part of the Xcritic family. Sorry I forgot to mention you in my first blog, I was dead tired when I wrote it!! 


Like Maury Povich says: "Until next time America!" (Yeah, Yeah, I am a daytime talk show junkie LOL)




09/21/2012 Additional commentary in response to the chauvanistic pig that very apparently only cares about the male talent: you have no room to speak until you have a vagina and have it rubbed raw from filming with a condom. If a female wants to be condom only, that is still her choice, we all have a choice! If the female does not want to film without a condom she can recieve less work, just as I recieve less work for choosing not to participate in butt sex. If someone is really that afraid of STDs and not willing to take that risk (though a super small risk) in this industry by performing bare back maybe she should find some other form of work or just accept that by not doing certain things (such as performing bare back or in my case, participating in anal) she will receive less work. I accept that standing up for what I am comfortable with and uncomfortable with lessens my work load but I am FINE with that because it is MY body and MY art and I want to enjoy it and not have to pretend that I like something (such as butt sex) just so I can make a few extra bucks. As for Mr. Marcus and his syphilis, if you knew ANYTHING aout sexually transmitted diseased you would know that you could contract syphilis condom or not so take your disgusting political agenda elsewhere and keep your opinions and condoms out of my vagina! End of story. Thanks.

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