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Interesting Gangnam Style Weekend

I had quite the interesting weekend at stripper work, I am not quite sure what the cause of it being so strange was but it was quite strange to say the least. Friday night there was not much going on as far as teh customers spending on dancers, but they were surely drinking a lot, so much to that I saw at least 5 people falling out of thier chairs, 4 while they were sitting down and one that obviously felt he was on top of the world and decided to stand up on the chair. The one that stood up fell face down with another of his friends falling directly on top of him trying to pick him up, I was amused. This same night I had to leave early because I had either eaten or come into contact with something I am allergic to because I started to have a little itchy rash on my leg that within an hour became a whole country of itchy welts all over my entire body, it was horrible! I am happy to say that because I rushed home, took 3 benadryl and slathered my body in hydrocortisone cream I woke up the next morning with no itchy rash or welts. I have very sensitve skin so I am assuming maybe it was the cologne someone I danced on was wearing, either way, I must say I am very thankful for Benadryl and think that as many allergic reactions as I have, I should be thier new spokesperson! LOL


Saturday night was better as far as the quantity and quality of guests yet it was still a very strange vibe going on, it mustve been left over from the night before I nonetheless still had a ton of fun as I always do when I work. The guests were all sitting and standing upright, or at least with a slight tilt and none of them ended up face down on the ground which was a major improvement to Friday night! I had fun on stage and the guests all enjoyed my performance of Gangnam Style, which is rather hard to do in stripper heels but I live to entertain and make people laugh so I succeeded in that goal. I just love being silly and having fun, I used to dance to Weird Als white and nerdy back when I was younger but thanks to the GM of Sapphire and Angry Asian Joe and DJ Joe  I now have a new silly song to dance to!

So what else made this weekend interesting? We had no other than the Gangnam Style man himself PSY show up in Sapphire !! This made my weekend great! I really appreciated that John and DJ Joe got him in there so I could meet him and tell him how much I enjoy his dance and song. He seemed very exhausted, probably from his I Heart Radio performance and hosting at TAO nightclub earlier but I do give him much respect for showing up and listening to me tell him how awesome I think he is and how much I love his dance. I told him I will continue to perfect my Stripper Gangnam Style as long as he keeps making awesome and funny videos!

As far as my reviewing porn goes, I am waiting for my "material" to arrive and am first going to review Vivids Elvis xxx as I think it will be filled with comedy and sex (my two favorite things!) and I am hoping to hear the hits "Fuck me Tender," "Jailhouse Fuck," "RockAHooHa" and "In the Ghett-HO." Stay tuned!!!


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