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Leya Falcon

Back in Vegas...for now!!!

After a weekend in LA going up to meet everyone at my new agency, OC modeling and shoot a scene for Hustler I am back home and (almost) in one piece. I must say I do not mind at all driving up to LA for scenes but this time the drive somehow fucked up my hip. I am guessing because I drove home non stop last night and I probably need to invest in one of those lower lumbar support gadgets or maybe a Flintstones car so I can keep my legs moving as I am driving so they don't get stiff! Anyways...


I drove up Thursday to meet with Sandra and Anthony at OC modeling and I must say that went very well and I am very happy I chose to go to them. I walked into the office and immediately felt welcome and like they really wanted me there and wanted to help me get the work that every other agent has been too lazy to get me, I feel like OC actually believes in me as much as I believe in myself. I was very surprised to see that it was pretty much family run with Sandra's son and daughter (she gained a BUNCH of geek points from me when I saw she had a Star Wars wallpaper on her computer!) helping with the agency and Anthony just seemed really cool and laid back. I felt like I had found a nice family that adopted me and I have never felt that with any other agency, oh and there was a cute little old cuddly dog there, she sealed the deal. I am just very excited to be a part of OC and I am very positive about them because of the fact that I just felt so appreciated, loved and welcome from the get go. I had to laugh though when it came time to go to the model house (which was not even a block away) and scared the shit out of Russian (Sandra's son) and the other girl in the car (I am horrible with names so I don't remember who it was, I just remember her being really hot with tattoos with black and purple hair). I basically showed them why I am not a taxi, limo or bus driver for a living, I am just not the greatest driver but we all thankfully made it there alive!

When arriving at the model house I had to pee so I went to use the restroom like any civil human being would and there I saw hanging on the toilet paper holder was the COMFORT WIPE! I was cracking up. I guess I was the only one that knew what a Comfort Wipe was because when I asked later, nobody knew what it was or whose it was. I guess I am the only one that keeps up with all of these infomercial gadgets... (here is a link to the commercial if you don't know what a Comfort Wipe is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crfGXmxJ1vM ) In fact, now that I think about it, it could've also been one of those toilet cleaners with the disposable brush heads but its much funnier if it really is a comfort wipe!

I shot for Hustler on Friday and I laughed so hard when I saw my co-star was going to be none other than Otto Bauer, I somehow knew it was going to be because he shot me for my first Hustler scene in Top Shelf Titties #2 and was very ...ummmm... friendly? LOL! No I was glad it was him because I knew he was cool and funny and a great performer and director, even though a lot of people call him a "Nazi" (with him being German and very strict on his set) I get along well with him, I guess maybe its the 1/4 Nazi in me? I was last to film that day so when I arrived there was a girl before me that was running things a little late which means Otto was not happy with her!This girl kept escaping to the bathroom for 30 minutes at a time and coming out entirely fucked up, one time she even said "hey I need to use the restroom, does anyone need a lighter?" Everyone was like what the fuck do you need a lighter for in the restroom? Basically that was the joke of the day between everyone on set that day as well as me calling Mr. Kaukenbaulz cock n balls, yeah, long story LOL!

The scene went great, I thought it was funny that once again I was cast as a stripper but I have no problem with that because being a stripper since the age of 18, that is a big part of who I am. It was great to film with Otto because he is very funny so he kept me laughing between takes so I think that contributed a lot to the scene because I love to laugh and it puts me in a great mood. The only "bad" part of the scene is when it came time for the pop shot and lube had to be used and my vagina started yelling because she HATES lube, especially certain kinds. I think this kind was called slippery stuff (he just grabbed the first bottle in sight) and the stuff was horrible! I went to go touch my vulva and my hands got stuck to to it because of this stuff so we found a higher quality lube and finished with a "Bang". I cannot wait for everyone to see this scene! It was also nice to meet one of the other directors over at Hustler, Drew Rose and see all of the interesting things he had decorating in his office, particularly a creepy clown doll with a sign that says "will work for Hustler," this was so funny to me. I would love to shoot with him soon and maybe dress like a clown hahahahahahhah!!


After the shooting of the scene I went back to the model house and Shyla Jennings was there, I thought oh this girl is so cute and little! I must admit, I do get very nervous around other girls because I never know how they're going to be, if they will be nice or just crazy and mean but I introduced myself and we just started chit chatting and had a great night. It was like a little slumber party and I was sad I had to drive home in the morning because we really were having a fun time laughing at random shit and just talking about the industry, she seems to have had some of the same experiences with other girls in the industry as I have. Both of us were suuuuuper sore from work that day and I had just met her and didn't want to be totally creepy or I would've tried to fuck her and her cute self!


Oh what fun adventures I have in my life...



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Leya Falcon on set for Hustler

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