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Leya Falcon

Sucking down a big, black...

CUP OF COFFEE!!! Yes, my cup of coffee is big, black and super tasty. What did you think I was going to say? You all reading this are perverts and that's why I love you all! Its morning time so I am going through my usual routine (as you have all probably read about right now) and trying to wake up so I can get some things actually accomplished!


Did you all read my review of Elvis XXX ? It was my first review of a DVD ever and it was quite the challenge at first but I think this next time it will be a bit easier as I have now figured out how to post photos on here and everything always gets better with practice (which is why I fuck a lot!) I was slightly nervous about posting it because it wasn't all raves but I felt it was my responsibility as a critic (especially for adult films!) to be brutally honest whether it is positive or negative. I am prepared for some possible backlash because I know not everyone can take constructive criticism but I hope anyone I have reviewed already or in the future will not take it as a personal attack. Trust me, if I want to personally attack someone (which is rare, you would have to have done something really fucked up to me) they and everyone else will know it, I just don't sugar coat things. I speak my mind to a fault as I am sure you can all tell by this point.


One thing I forgot to mention in yesterdays blog is my dinner with Bill Margold, which I always enjoy. He is like my porn grandfather, he is full of great stories, jokes and advice. We went to Sizzler (as they have a nice spectrum of gluten free options which means I can eat without getting sick!) and got caught up on both of our current happening. He told me he was very proud of me (which means so much to me) for my performing, for my writing and being brave enough to become a critic of adult films, he then went off into some stories about adult films "back in his day" and how much the industry has changed and how sad it is that most women performing now aren't in it for the love of performing but for a quick paycheck. I told Bill he knows that is not me, I am in it for the recognition and the attention and because I truly enjoyed it, he told me I hit the nail on the head with the word "recognition" because nobody is going to want to keep doing whatever it is they're doing if they're never recognized for a job well done.

I know I got into this industry because it is what I wanted to do since the age of 14, I just love sex, I love performing and I love the attention! I do not make a ton of money (yet) and honestly don't care about becoming super rich as long as my daughter is taken care of, my bills are paid and I can live comfortably not having to worry about where my next meal is coming from. I just love being able to do what I love, get paid for it and get all the attention that I have always wanted. I also cannot complain that by doing one thing that I love (which is performing) I have been given the great opportunities of being able to fulfill my other dreams of writing (without having to complete college!, we all know I don't have the attention span for that!) I just feel so blessed to have my column on AInews.com as well as this blog and reviews on Xcritic.com, its like the icing on top of the (gluten free) cake of performing.


I also feel very blessed (and very random as I jumped from coffee to going on a thankfulness rant) to have so many great people behind me supporting me and understanding of me and my situations, especially during this rough year I have had and certain difficulties I am still going through but I have a good team behind me and a lot of people that believe in me, I am so grateful for this and will do everything in my power to not let anyone down, even if I have before, I will no longer. I am not taking no for an answer, I am going to make it, I am going to succeed and I am going to prove everyone that believes in me now that they were right in believing in me and prove everyone wrong that doesn't believe in me.



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