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Leya Falcon

Just Cancel My Fucking Membership!

So, as you all know I am a fitness fanatic and was a member of 24 hour fitness for a little bit until it became more of a hassle than a convenience to get to the gym. Lets put it this way, I wake up around 11am/noonish, I drink my coffee and eat my breakfast and by the time all of that is done and I drive to the gym it is about 1:30 pm and guess what? The kids care thing is closed until 5pm, then only open until 6pm and its not like I can take a 4 year old on a stair-stepper or can only work out for one hour when my daily minimum is 2 hours!! (unless if I am shooting that day) So, I decided to go back to my usual routine of just using exercise videos and my own set of dumbbells at home and cancel my gym membership. If only it were so easy.


I call up 24 hour fitness and speak to someone that I had to keep repeating every sentence to three times because she did not understand what I was saying and every other sentence she asked "well why are you canceling your membership?" I say the same thing every time, because the kids care has inconvenient hours for me and makes it impossible for me to start or complete my workout. She did not seem to grasp this fact and after about 15 minutes back and forth of that I did not want to keep my membership and her trying to talk me out of cancelling, I had to be a bitch about it to finally get her to shut the fuck up, understand why I want to cancel my membership and move the fuck along with her day so that I can do the same! I do not easily lose my cool as I am fairly laid back (at least for 25 days of the month LOL) but this lady was irritating me! When I say I want my membership cancelled I shouldn't have to explain myself over and over for 15 minutes! Geez Loueez. Anyways, my 24 hour fitness membership is now cancelled and I can continue my workout routine at home with my videos and dumbbells, not having to worry about daycare or anything else!


In other news, I have carved out a bit of "me" time tonight to start my review of Digital Playground's "My Private Tutor" and I am excited about this one as I absolutely love Jesse Jane so I am sure I will get heavily turned on and end up breaking out my toy box! I am working stripper work Thursday through Saturday so I am hoping to get the whole thing done tonight because I then leave for LA again on Sunday to shoot on Monday. As you can see, I have quite the busy schedule but I love it because it keeps me entertained and there is never a dull moment in my life!!

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