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Leya Loves Xcritic and Being a Talking Sex Object

So I just finished my review of Digital Playground 'My Private Tutor' and came up with my own little rating system because, I, of course, always have to add my own little touch to everything that I do. I have decided that now at the end of each review I will add my own rating (on top of the usual Xcritic ratings) as follows:


Leya Loathes : I hated the film, it was horrible, I would never watch it again and never recommend it.

Leya Likes a Little : The film was decent, I may watch it again or recommend it to someone who may be       interested in it

Leya Likes : A good film, a good watch, I was into it even though it wouldn't be something I would usually pick, I would watch it again.

Leya Likes A Lot : A GREAT film that I really got into and enjoyed and would recommend to others.

Leya Loves: I absolutely LOVE the film, I think it is fabulous and would watch it and play with myself to it over and over again and push everyone I know to watch it because it is that fucking epic.


Well, I must say Leya LOVES Xcritic and I feel so grateful to be given the opportunity to be the first performer to also be a critic as well as getting my own blog where I can express myself in any which way I choose without fear of being told "you can't say that!" or "sorry, you only have 140 characters to say whatever the fuck you want." It just feels really good to finally be heard and to have a voice as a performers and be recognized for my writing as well as performing. Mind you, I started with AInews.com and my column on there and that is another place and way I express myself but this blog here on Xcritic is more personal and I can just write whatever random thoughts I am thinking and document them. I was so happy when I saw the little article Xcritic put up of me introducing me as the first critic that is also a performer and that they are enjoying having me a part of the team as much as I am loving it. I love performing, but writing is my second love because I am very talkative and opinionated and do not just want to sit in the corner with a cock in my mouth (well, I like that too but you know what I mean.) I like having the ability to have that cock in my mouth before I take it out and get to share what I am thinking, how I am feeling.


I honestly wish more women in this industry would make their voices heard (not just in dirty talk in their films) so people can see us all as the people we truly are on top of how well we fuck and what great sex objects we can be and yes, I just said sex objects because that is the truth, if nobody else will say it I will. Us women that choose to enter this industry choose to do so for many different reasons but we all do become seen as sex objects, but I have no problem with it because it is sex that controls the mind and I do love being in control. I love it when I film knowing that everyone out there is seeing me and thinking of me as a sex object and are playing make believe and fucking me with their minds. I and any other performer out there knows (or should know) that this is how it is and embrace the fact that for that half hour scene you had complete control of that persons mind as they played with you in their head. Am I making sense? I know what I am trying to say but I am not sure if I am explaining it correctly or if my coffee just hasn't kicked in yet. Basically, my point is that we are all just sexual beings objectifying each other for the pleasure of ourselves and I absolutely love it and love being able to share my experiences with you all through my words in this blog. Any man or woman in this industry that thinks that they are not objectifying themselves are in denial and need to recognize and embrace it because it is a beautiful thing, especially when the objects have an outlet such as I do to be able to speak on how empowering it truly is. Sex controls everything around us, get used to it.


Ok, enough of my random babblings today, I need another orgasm in a cup so I am about to go brew another pot of orgasms.

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