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Leya Falcon

What is This World Coming to?

So I must admit, though I am a random chatter box, I had no idea what I wanted to write about in my blog today and was just going to skip today until I was browsing my timeline on Twitter and became inspired by a tweet by Joy King asking everyone to sign a petition. I clicked the link, read the story and was appalled by the complete absurdity of it and immediately decided I needed to sign my name on the petition.


Adults are always complaining about "kids these days" how they're off doing drugs, smoking, drinking, fucking and wreaking havoc. We are in the age where teenagers are getting pregnant to get on television shows, more and more young adults are becoming addicted to drugs and dropping out of school and there is finally a young man out there that is a great example of what every parent wants their child to be like, a high achiever, a hard worker, intelligent and motivated. So what is the problem here? Well, this senior in high school is a gay.


Ryan, now a high school senior, according to his mother, is absolutely perfect. This young man has been a part of the boy scouts for nearly 12 years working his ass off to get the coveted rank of Eagle Scout from his San Fransisco Bay Area Troop 212. To earn this badge Ryan made a very admirable and positive decision on his final project, a "tolerance wall"in a local elementary school to fight against bullying and to encourage children to be kind to each other. Well, when troop 212 found out that this great project was done by a young, gay male they decided to deny him the "citizenship in the community" badge which is completely and utterly absurd! Why should it matter that he is gay? It shouldn't matter. He is contributing to his community something beautiful and positive instead of following the crowd of loser, rebellious teenagers out there that don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves.


Why do I care about this? Well, because I am a parent and if my daughter were to be discriminated against like this I would be going ballistic. My daughter is only 4 years old but this is not the kind of world I want her to grow up in, I want her to grow up learning to be kind and caring and not discriminating against others because of the way God made them. I want her to follow the examples of young people like Ryan who work hard to get what they want in life and want to make a positive difference in their communities. If you are in agreement with me and many others please sign this petition so that this hard working, responsible young man can get the recognition he deserves.



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