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Babbles Before Bedtime

(FIRST OFF! I apologize for spelling and grammatical errors, right now I am too tired to even really think but just want to write!)




Oh what a long and fun couple of days out here in LA, I am fucking tired but I really cannot complain because I LOVE filming and I truly love this industry and have met so many interesting people in it. I drove out here on Sunday and went to dinner with Katie Summers and Alia Janine, I hate those bitches because they ate some yummy looking macaroni and cheese while I was stuck with my salad because the restuarant we went to had no other gluten free options. It really sucks when you're out to eat with others and they are eating yummy gluten filled food while I have to stay far away from it to avoid getting ill. We had fun though and even saw a pretty awesome looking bike in the parking lot, when I saw it I had to take a picture on it although I really cannot ride a bike without training wheels. The only thing I said and thought when I hopped on this bike is that "hopefully it doesnt have an alarm!" It sounds really strange but in my mind I for some reason thought someone would value this awesome bike so much that they might set it up with an alarm to prevent theft!

After my bike adventure I went to the OC model house where Jennifer Best was still here (she was here last time with her cute little dog that looks like a mini lion) and met a cool girl, brand new to the industry named Allessandra who told me that her birthday was the day she flew out here so she didnt even get to celebrate so I said lets throw our own little fun party! So she had a couple of drinks, I had my tea (because I am still no longer drinking alcohol) and we went down to the hot tub and had a nice little chit chat, so far, I have not met a girl with OC that I didnt like.

Monday, I had a lot of fun shooting some photos and a couple of tease videos for Hustler, I just love everyone there so its always a good day at the Hustler studio. I met a couple of cool new people, including a photographer and the co director of the day with Drew Rose, Will Ryder. Drew is just a cool laid back dude and Will was just a big bundle of chessy jokes and a hilarious gay man accent! Of course Mr. Kaukenbaulz was there as well and I tortured him by calling him cock and balls again all day. The girls that work there as well and the guy that sits behind the desk in the filming area (I know its horrible but I don't remember everyones names, I am bad with names but very good with faces!) theyre just so much fun to be around and make you lose track of time because of the interesting conversations and that comes in handy when the day is running a little late! When youre surrounded with fun people, you dont even really care how late it is!

After shooting with Hustler, I headed down to my agency to pick up the keys to the model house and had a nice chat with Sandra and Anthony, they are the best agents I have had and believe they will remain my agents for quite awhile. They are very chatty (such as myself) and don't treat me like I am just another girl to make them money, they actually care and I love that!

Today, I went to go film a quick handjob scene for Billy Watson, which is always interesting. This guy is one of my favorite people I have met in the industry, he helps me park my car (because we all know I cannot park), he is fucking hilarious, a great director and very twisted in the mind but then again, who else in this business isn't? I was very happy he gave me the creepy clown portrait as a gift, that picture gives me the heebeejeebees but its special to me because it was from him so I will hang it up and laugh and be creeped out! I am actually in the process of writing a guest blog entry for his site ishootporn.com , I started on that tonight but want to wait until I am fully able to think and am rested before I finish it, tonight I am just too tired to do much more than babble on my blog here because I also had a photo shoot today with a great photographer (the one that shot me when I first entered the industry) and got to meet Jay, Sandras partner in OC modeling and I think he is awesome. He has Britney Spears and Spice Girls posters in his house (the same ones I own) , he is hilarious and is like me with 666 as his phone number, I have never met anyone else with a 666 phone number! He also showed me a hilarious video he made ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pt56cPCOLhM ) that no matter where you stand on the whole Mr. Marcus thing you will laugh your ass off at. Oh, and Jay also helped me park and back out my car which earned him extra awesome points!

Right now, I am fucking tired as shit, I have a migraine and I must be headed off to bed as I will be fucking Tommy Pistol again tomorrow, which means I will be dying of laughter, he is hilarious and a great performer so I was happy to see he is the male talent for my shoot tomorrow. After that, I am headed back to Vegas (unless if another job pops up within the next couple of days that I need to stay longer for comes up), will get my blog for Billy Watson finished and get to my next review for here on Xcritic (It will be Bella Donnas Dirty Panties) , then I need to come up with what I want to write for my next column for AInews.com! I am a busy girl but I love it! I will probably be right back up here in LA within the next week or two shooting some more and I cannot wait!


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