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Apparently Zero Tolerance Has a Zero Tolerance Policy on Squirting




So the past couple of days I shot with Zero Tolerance and was told to NOT squirt, at ALL! This was quite a challenge for me as it is easier for me to get off than not. I basically experienced what a guy experiences when trying not to cum to fast, I had to make sure I didn't get off the whole scene which was really difficult because Tommy Pistol was fucking me and he is one of the only dudes in the industry that gives it to me rough like I like it! I did succeed in getting through the scene (and the scene did turn out great!) without getting off but I pretty much had to switch my mindset and thought of random things, anything but sex but of course my mind kept coming back to the fact that I was having fun getting fucked. I basically had to keep distracting myself and reminding myself to not completely get off but still enjoy myself because I didn't want to produce a bad scene! I did end up still enjoying myself (almost) thoroughly in the scene ( I say almost thoroughly because I couldn't just go crazy with my squirting like usual) and I have photo evidence because I looked like The Joker with the make-up that ended up under my eyes!

Besides the no squirting policy, I absolutely LOVE everyone at Zero Tolerance because not only are they great and efficient at their jobs, they're also fucking hilarious. The director Mike and the photographer Bart are just impossible to have a bad time around especially when they had both Tommy Pistol and Mark Wood (who I found out is also from Vegas!) on set both days, oh dear lord I could not stop laughing! I also could not stop talking in a country accent that popped up while sitting around on set on Wednesday, I even spoke to Sandra and Anthony at OC that night like that without even realizing it at first! That accent is catchy! Thursday I got to fuck a bitch and basically tear her apart, I enjoy it when bitches let me tear them apart because I am known to be very rough! Then after I fucked that bitch, she was fucked by 5 guys (including Mark Wood and Tommy Pistol) and because I had to drive back to Vegas last night I didn't stay to watch but I wanted to!


Speaking of driving home to Vegas, last night the traffic and weather was HORRIBLE but I did end up making it home safely (obviously otherwise I wouldn't be sitting here blogging LOL) and am headed back up to LA Tuesday (or earlier if other jobs pop up!) but for now I am enjoying being back home for a few days and spending time with my daughter and family! I started my next review, it is on Bella Donna's Dirty Panties and I plan on getting that done and finished by tonight so look for it up on the site soon! I am so busy shooting again because THANK GOD I have FINALLY found the right agency for me and I fucking LOVE everyone at OCM and blogging right here, doing reviews, guest blogs, my column for AInews.com still, I am a busy busy girl so stick with me! I am getting everything accomplished as quickly and efficiently as possible! I love how my life is going right now and it is only going to get better!!!


I also have my new photos up on the OC modeling site which can be seen here : http://www.ocmodeling.com/model.php?id=390


Also a guest blog on the metaphysics of my vagina for Billy Watsons site, IShootPorn.com : http://www.ishootporn.com/category/guest-bloggers/


Oh and here is a random picture of the Halloween decor on the bathroom door over at Cutting Edge Testing, I very much appreciated it and also everyone at the office!


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