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Tasha Reign

Condoms in the Work Place

I feel so lucky I live in state and nation where I have the right to make personal sexual choices.   I have been a pornographic actress for 2 years now, and I truly have never felt more sexually aware and safer then I do now.


I test every month through a secure and scientific testing facility, consciously aware my livelihood in based on the health of my body.  I feel confidant that I work with other like minded and industry regulated individuals who have a clean and current test on the regular, based on the best technology has to offer.  We trust our lives every day to science, whether its getting behind the wheel to drive or getting tested for STDs in order to have safe sex.


Personally I won’t have sex with someone outside the adult industry who doesn’t show me a clean and current test.  Statistically my odds of contracting a disease are much lower then those outside of the adult industry who don’t test.  I urge my friends outside of the business to test, and they are often surprised with their results when they didn’t see any signs to begin with.


Whether you believe in supporting the adult entertainment business or not, I think it’s very important to realize the majority of people in the US watch pornography and therefore should protect our rights as citizens to be able to choose.  Could you imagine if someone told you every time you had sex you had to wear a condom, whether you were tested and knew the person, or whether you wanted to or not?  These are personal choices that as an individual living in the US we should be able to make on our own.


As a performer, if someone not working in our industry came to set while I was naked to inspect whether my partner was using a condom on me, I would feel violated and disgusted.  This is not a public matter because we are on a private set, a tattoo parlor is a public arena—I see a big difference.  Who makes the rules for NFL players and UFC fighters?  Experts and power players within their industry?  Should we all vote on UFC fighters wearing helmets or not?   Should we base our rules, policies, and regulations for an entire industry around the exception to the rule?


The types of acts we perform on set every day are ones I would not do with a condom, period. There is extreme pain and allergic reactions to condoms due to the wear and tear of a condom rubbing against my gentiles for 45 minutes or longer.  Not only is it painful, but I believe it’s not safe or healthy.  You have to realize the type of sex acts in films are not the same as you might perform in your bedroom nor are the time frames remotely similar.


I ask myself why UFC fighters, pro wrestler, athletes, and mainstream actress are given freedoms, choices, and the rights to engage in dangerous activities, but as an adult performer, attempts to place restrictions on us are continually made.  Already we are tightly regulated by obscenity rules and safety precautions. I believe in risk calculus and being able to have the freedom to make personal choices. 


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