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Chanel Preston

No On Measure B, Please!

So you support condom use in porn. Great! And why wouldn't you? Seems harmless...


                  First, let me give a little background to those who don't know anything about the adult industry's testing system. As a performer we are required to test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and, just recently, syphilis every 30 days. My experience with this has been that companies follow this protocol very strictly, and if you don't have a test, then you don't work. Can you fake a test? I won't lie and say no but you can also fake dollar bills. Although, this testing system is not 100%, if you look at the statistics, you will find the porn industry has a very low infection rate. Yes, it's possible to get them but this is an industry with certain risks and those involved do or at least should understand that. Many jobs come with more health risks than the porn industry, yet we are often more chastised. Why? Because we're dirty, filthy, immoral people.... Just kidding, but sometimes it does feel that way.


The following are a couple arguments in support of measure B:


  1. It will help stop the spread of disease.


            I won’t lie and say this is not true because it will help decrease our risk as performers, but this does not mean it is the government’s responsibility to protect us, and you will learn that the results of all this may affect your lives as free individuals more than you think.

                  Besides, who has the most risk of being infected with HIV? Not adult workers, so thanks but no thanks AIDS Healthcare foundation.


      2.  Porn is so prevalent in people’s lives; they learn about sex from porn, therefore we should set a good example (or some shit along those lines).


            This really is just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Why? Because if people are learning about sex predominantly from porn well then there is an even bigger and more obvious problem that America has. If you don’t know what it is then here’s a hint: Shhhhhh, don’t talk about sex. It’s embarrassing, shameful and should only be between married people.


The following are a few arguments against measure B:


  1. It’s our constitutional right as consensual adults to do what we want with our bodies and have sex without a condom if we choose to.


            True, it is our right to choose, but I understand that when you begin to “do the deed” for professional reasons, then we do have to abide by certain protocols and regulations that are decided by the industry (not the government) to keep people safe. Therefore this is not the strongest argument.


       2. It will force the industry underground, which will result in an unregulated industry and therefore become even more dangerous for performers.


           True, this very well could happen. However, I feel we could easily adapt to the new law, but are you willing to risk this? This still, however, is not the strongest argument.


       3.  It will force the industry to move out of L.A., which is estimated to be over a 1 billion dollar industry. This means a large chunk of money goes out the door for Los Angeles.


            Once again, this may not happen, but why risk it?


       4.  Your hard-earned money will be going towards enforcing this law.


            You like money. We all like money. I don’t oppose my money going towards catching the bad guys, but why create more bad guys?




So, maybe you’re a performer who got the clap before, and you really want condoms to be mandatory, or you’re a regular citizen who just can’t quite grasp the idea that using condoms would be so bad in porn. Well, let me explain to you the most important and powerful argument against measure B, and it requires everyone to look beyond the comfortable idea of safety and look at a much larger picture....


This larger picture is called government infringement, and there are a lot of consequences to this. Making copious amounts of laws is a misuse of this infrastructure. Don’t you think making more and more laws is a lengthy and costly process that gives government more opportunities to control your well-being? And the process of repealing a law is even more so. You may be surprised to know there is a law in California stating bathhouses are illegal. This law was put in place to help abbreviate exposure to HIV during the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s since bathhouses were a common place for promiscuous sexual encounters. I’m going to assume this was fairly timely and costly, and I’d be curious to know if the effectiveness made it worth it. Probably not considering the fact that if people want to fuck, they’re going to fuck with or without bathhouses. Now, you can easily ask yourself, “Was that law really necessary?” We’re all given the freedom to vote, but we’re also given the responsibility to vote, and you can’t go back and change your answers. So, whether you support using condoms or not, you still have to ask if a change is absolutely necessary to make a difference.


I’m a strong believer that the government should not protect us from ourselves and this is what is happening here. Sometimes we’re fooled into thinking the government is here to protect us, but that is not always the case. When you allow for more control, then you allow opportunities for corruption and unnecessary power. I’m not against government, but I am against the misuse of it.


So what’s the answer? Education. People who understand subjects/issues make better decisions about them. A large percentage of the population does not feel comfortable and knowledgeable about sex. Being knowledgeable is more then just knowing where your vagina is. As a whole our society is still conditioned to feel embarrassed, and we’re not open about it. We need to increase our sexual intelligence and gain a healthy and realistic awareness of sex.


Overall, I’m not against using condoms in porn, but I am against using the legal system to make in mandatory and control it. The power of law is not the answer. The power of knowledge is, and I’m asking you to please help stop the misuse of government and ask yourself if this is absolutely necessary.


-XO Chanel



As a reward for reading my rant, here are a couple pics of things in my butt, and yes there is a condom on one of these dildos.


chanel with a strap-on in her butt

chanel with dildo in her butt

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