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Leya Falcon

"You Are Something Else."


First off I wish this were real!!!


I drove home last night from LA after a long day of shooting one of my most memorable shoots thus far, I shot for Dungeon Corp, had my first experience of playing the sub in some hardcore bondage, my first on film anal penetration (by cici rhodes) and learned how to properly clean my ass for that anal penetration. The cleaning of the ass I would say was quite a learning experience but now that I have learned I am so ready for more toys up my butt. Don't get so excited yet everyone! I apologize but by rules of Mr. Falcon, I can only have toys or his cock up my butt because I made him marry me for the privilege of butt fucking, not to mention I don't trust my ass hole to any other cocks that aren't made of silicone, glass or metal. I am excited for you all to see this scene when it is released because it is something I really have not done before. I have dabbled in mild BDSM but nothing like what I experienced and endured yesterday, it was, as strange as it sounds, a spiritual awakening. I realized I am a complete control freak even when I am not attempting to be and I am also a lot tougher than I realize. I apparently handle bondage a lot better than most other girls in the industry and had to be told how tough I was to realize it and now that I know this I don't quite fully understand why I am a control freak because most control freaks spawn from some sort of weakness or vulnerability that they don't want the rest of the world to find out about. I am very strong physically and mentally so I have no idea yet what my control freak-ness comes from but now I would like to find out, maybe there is some sort of weakness in there that I don't even realize yet? I don't know. I guess I will find out when the time is right. 


Another interesting event of the day was me being called "something else" ... AGAIN! I think I am going to change my name to Something Else because it seems to be everyone's name for me along with "interesting individual." I have not met a single person out there that has gotten to know me even a little bit and hasn't called me "something else." What I want to know is what the fuck is "something else"? Is it a good "something else" or a bad "something else"? I take it as a compliment because I would rather be something else than everyone else but I still can't help but wonder what people really mean when they say this. I think I just have a strange mind because this was all said to me after I asked why the Dungeon Corp company logo was a sad clown and come to find out it isn't a clown at all, it is just a gas mask but it took me awhile to see it and I have to concentrate really hard to see it even now knowing what it is, I just think my mind functions quite a bit differently than the rest of society and I think of this as a very good thing. I think the world would be pretty boring without people who view things completely different than the rest of the world. Here is the logo I still think looks like a sad clown...


I didn't get done all I wanted to get done this trip but I did accomplish being a part of an awesome scene. I know you all will TRULY enjoy this scene. Although I do not squirt in it (I found it impossible with my mind being so distracted on the other little things going on set and with me being so vulnerable and the positions I was tied up in were very different for me) I was very turned on, maybe next time I will actually be able to get off because I now have some experience and an idea on what BDSM really is. 


Well, I think I have done enough psychoanalyzing of myself for one day so I am going to wrap this up here...My next trip out I would like to be out in LA for about a week ( Contact OC modeling at (818) 626-9550 if you would like to have me in your next scene!) I want to shoot a few new scenes, start shooting content for my soon to come site with Porn Star Platinum, visit some friends and continue my adventures in this industry that I love so much!!


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Also I will be at Sapphire Las Vegas tonight from 11pm to 5am so stop on in!

3025 Industrial Rd, Las Vegas, NV.


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