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Leya's Pick For Hottest New MILF : Kendra Lust

So I have recently been chit chatting back and forth with fellow OC Modeling girl Kendra Lust and she decided to volunteer to be my first interview. I have never interviewed anyone before so this is my guinea pig interview and I hope you all really enjoy it because I know I did! Lust has not even been in the industry about a year and has already built a huge fan base of her Lust Army, My husband  said that she is going to be the next Lisa Ann (are you noticing a trend with my girl crushes yet??) and I compeltely agree! This woman is hot stuff and there is no other new Milf out there that can compete! I would like to thank Kendra for taking the time to do this and look forward to working with the hottest new milf out there very soon!


So I sent out a tweet asking Kendra's fans to ask whatever they wanted, none of these questions are reworded. Some are very bizarre, others are great questions but I thought it was great she answered all of these!

Perry Huckaby @Huckalifa

Q: How many times a day does she have sex with a non pornstar? When she was in high school did she ever fuck on campus?

A: Hmmmm...depends on the day but I try to get it in at least once! Yes I did fuck on campus...behind the curtains before a play in the auditorium!


 Chef Chef @Epictimes71

Q: Luv KL! ?'s- has she thought about appearing at dance clubs? Can she consider phone sex thru a company?

A:Yes! I am planning on feature dancing in the next 6 months;) yes also considering phone sex too! 

Reggie Thomas @ReggieThomas10

Q: yo is all yo friends like dat cause true yall hot?

A:Lol! Awww! Thank you! I would have to say that I am the wildest of the bunch!


DrakeDillinger @PatronLuvsMeBak

Q: Gotta ask her about the time she lost her virginity... That's a #classic


 A: I was a Senior in high school and the guy was a year older...super hot!


Flavio Mendoza @BigChicago

Q: can you please ask Kendra what does she do mentally to prepare for a shoot?

 A:I don't really do anything mentally to prepare! I love sex so once we start taking pics I get warmed up!

JC DeJesus @JYCO28

Q: What's her pet peeve? I hate being late!


A:I hate being late!


matt h @mbhraiders

Q: will she do a fan


A: Possibly for my website! Really thinking I am however, they have to be testes etc.



Pornstar Fan :) @PRNSTRFAN2011

Q: What´s her Favorite Toy? And how she enter to Adult Business :) How many hours a Day she workout her Body?


A: Hitachi!!! I first started web camming and then that led to porn:) I usually workout an hour 4 days a week


Valentin Robles @SharkieRobles

Q: how many times she has sex a week


A: Probably 6 days a week...Sunday is for football and food! Ha ha!


sohailsayed @sohailsayed63

 Q: ask would she fuck with you 

A:Yes of course...u r so hot!



Boy | Girl | Girl @boygirlgirl

Q: Ask her a math question, no seriously tehehe (Now I want to know, why they want me to ask you a math question??)


A: Lol! Well I'm not that great however, did pass my college trig class in college with a little tutoring;)

Angry Asian Joe @webmasterjoe

Q: see if she can do a video of her doing #GangnamStyle

dance. that would be epic, even better when naked.


A: lol! I could try...naked would def be more fun!



Holden Caufield @JP_Scrambles

Q: does she enjoy all the attention, vulagar though some of it may be, that she gets on Twitter? what's her favorite part of her body?


A:All women enjoy attention! The negative stuff I could do without but it's always gonna be there so I don't sweat it. I love my legs 

johncena14355 @johncena14355

Q: ask her wen she will do anal dp gangbang...:-)


A: Not for awhile...need some anal training!




My Questions:


Q: When I asked the Twitter world about what to write in my next Xcritic blog, you requested I interview you and when I told you that you would be my first ever interview you still wanted to do it, what made you willing to be my “guinea pig”?


A: Well I love my fans and letting them in my life! Really appreciate their support! One last thing....your sexy and I am wiling to do almost anything for a sexy chic! Love women! Xoxo


Q: I see you talk about how you love girls a lot so I am assuming you are like me and prefer women, is that a correct assumption?


A: I love fucking women! Love everything about women so yes I do enjoy   being with a woman however, I love finishing with a man!


Q: Have you ever had to work with a girl that you know doesn’t really like girls and it made the scene really awkward? Isn’t that the worst?


A:  Yes once and it was a little weird but she was relatively new like myself so I just made the best of it!


Q: With me being a big geek, I have to ask if you have any secretly geeky personality traits or interests.


A: I love to read! I am infatuated with Forensic Files and true crime!


Q: I often see you referred to as a “milf” do you have any children?


A: Yes I have a one year old daughter 


Q: What kind of scene that you haven’t filmed yet would you like to film?


A: A parody


Q: What differentiates you from every other performer out there?


A: I am a genuine person who is truly happy for other performers and their success... Oh and my booty! Ha ha!


Q: What is the Kendra Lust signature sex move?

A: Squat in reverse cow girl and bounce the booty!




And now, some off the wall questions:

Q: Do you think that Disneyland is a people trap just operated by a mouse?


A: Lol! Yea everybody knows Mickey runs [email protected]?!


Q:  What songs or TV shows do you absolutely love but would never admit to anyone (but me, of course)?


A: Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus! TV Show would have to be Honey Boo


Q: What is your opinion on garden gnomes?


A: Ugly little things


Q:  If you could change the color of the sky and grass, what colors would you change them to?


A: Purple sky and blue grass


Q:  What are you carving into your pumpkin this Halloween?


A:  boobs and a vagina!


Q:  And lastly, My husband wants me to ask you what your favorite flavor of Faygo is.


A: Red pop!



Follow Kendra Lust on Twitter: @KendraLust

Visit Kendra's up and coming website: KendraLust.com

Bookings for Kendra: Ocmodeling.com


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