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Happy Halloween! My First Box Cover and Three Year Wedding Anniversary!







Well, here we go, it is Halloween and I woke up to seeing I had finally gotten on a box cover! I have been in the industry almost a year and FINALLY got on a cover so I am SUPER happy! I also noticed my tattoos mysteriously have disappeared but I do not care because I am on the cover! I was told by many people that girls with tattoos don't often get box covers and if they do they remove the tattoos, so I guess it is true. Anyways I am super excited for this cover though I admit I am a bit nervous for everyone to see this scene of mine on here, I will share a little bit of the back story and why I am nervous about it.

Well, if you have read my latest column on AInews.com ( http://ainews.com/story/22035/ ) or have been keeping up with me for awhile you know that I was separated from my Husband for awhile and we almost did get divorced and this scene was shot exactly a week before what was supposed to be the court date to finalize our divorce so needless to say I was INCREDIBLY stressed and on edge. I was just cranky and didn't realize it until later on but I was also incredibly bitchy which is not in my character at all and thus my performance was not up to par and I actually ended up flipping out on Johnny Castle who was my co-star for the day. I flipped out because I told him beforehand not to put his hands on my neck but I guess they slipped because things got so wet and I just flew off the handle, it was horrible and I really feel horrible about it, Sorry Johnny! Because of my little flip out, the scene kind of went downhill but I am hoping you all still enjoy it. I also want to apologize to the director, Luc Wylder, I really didn't mean to flip out! I am just thankful that Luc is a very understanding man and a cool director, anyone else might have thrown me off set that day!

Anyways, it is funny that I am talking about that now because after filming that scene and coming back to Vegas, I got a phone call from my husband 2 days before the court date where we decided to call off the divorce (though I am still paying off the attorney bill) and are now going to be celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary today. I really didn't think that we would see another anniversary but here it is! (he is going to hate me for posting pictures but I will just suck his cock and he will get over it.)


I am supposed to be attending an event for Hustler in Hollywood this Friday but I am really not sure if it will happen at this point due to situations out of my control but I am going to do everything within my power to make it but even if I cannot make it I think you should all go see my sexy ladies still!




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