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Leya Falcon

My Grape Comes Complete With a Gaping Pussy and Ass Hole


Here is my grape, it came complete with a gaping pussy and ass hole, I have no idea why I am sharing this but I am. I just put my hands into a bag of grapes, pulled some out and began to wash them until I noticed this one and started cracking up and immediately became inspired to blog. Yeah. I am quite the strange one but you will get over it!


Anyways, my day consisted of multiple doctor appointments (yes, I was called "something else" AGAIN! ) complete with x-rays and phlebotomists stealing 12 tubes of my blood in an attempt to find out what the fuck is wrong with me, why I am 24 and always exhausted with extreme joint pain so I should be finding out the results of that maybe next week. Needless to say I am still very dizzy from all of that blood being stolen from me by these vampires in lab coats and I need to go see another vampire tomorrow to collect my "specimens" before my current tests expire because I am headed out to LA this weekend to do another scene and quite frankly nobody wants to fuck someone with an expired test!


What else is new? Well, I am excited to say that I am now an official interviewer right here on Xcritic so this means I have even more of an excuse to talk to hot girls :) ... I also did stripper work a couple of times this weekend because, well, I am still waiting on my payroll checks from some of my scenes and have current bills and expenses I needed to take care of! This weekend wasn't fabulous but I made enough to get by until my checks come in. Having had stripped since I was 18 I am still learning how to manage money when I have to wait for paychecks to come in, I am used to instant gratification as far as money is concerned but I guess everyone has to learn sometime!


Well, tomorrow is election day so I am a little nervous about that, not just because the entire future of the adult industry relies on whether or not measure B passes ( VOTE NO!) but also the future of this country. I Voted early though, I did my part and voted for who I believe can run this country the best and I hope all of you will do the same as well.


I am tired and exhausted so not much more I can think of babbling about tonight so I will just close here...stay tuned for another review and a very special interview soon!!


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