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Hello All!


First off I want to tell everyone Happy Veterans Day and I hope you all will take a moment to show some respect to the Vets of our country as they have all fought so very hard for our country. On this day I am remembering my now deceased grandfather who wanted nothing more in his life but to serve this country and to see it prosper. From what my family has told me, he dropped out of 8th grade and faked his ID so that he could enter the army and fight for the US, he was there at Vietnam but did eventually get kicked out once they realized he was underage which I find ridiculous. If a young man wants to fight for this country he should be able to! Much respect, love and prayers for every vet out there as well as anyone else out there fighting for our freedom!

I know I have not been updating as much as usual and this is because I have had a super busy week with everything from dr. appointments to driving out to LA for a shoot and now tonight stripper work and my daughter is sick on top of it all, I am trying to keep up as best as I can with everything! I am still waiting on my lab results from last weeks vampires and I am also still waiting on those checks I was talking about, it has been a little over 2 weeks and I am not exactly sure how payroll works but this waiting is making me very anxious, I will have a big sigh of relief once those checks come in because then I can pay my bills this month! YAY! Until then, my anxiety is running high as I wait, my shoot on Friday is payroll too so I am just having a learning experience right now on how to manage money when money is not instantaneous.


Before shooting Friday I stopped by the Hustler production studios to say hey to Mr. Kaukenbaulz and ran into Mr. Rose as well, I wish I could've stayed longer but I had to go shoot. Though I must give Mr. Kaukenbaulz a HUGE thanks for the pictures and "massager" he gave me! So after this I went to shoot for Naughty America and I am SUPER excited for you all to see this one because I KNOW it turned out great, though it was a little more "vanilla" than I am used to it was still non-romantic and dirty which is the way I like it! I performed with a guy named Alan Stafford and he was really cool to work with, he was fucking hilarious and wore a Mr. Rogers sweater and we showed each other pictures of each others cats before we fucked, it was awesome because you don't often find dudes that are in love with their cats. The director, Bobby Manila was really cool to work with, he is now on my list of favorite directors because he is so laid back and cool, the makeup artist was fun to chat with and I ran into Phoenix Marie after I shot the scene and now want to hump her because she is hot, laid back, seems really dirty and she is NORMAL SIZE! When I say normal size it means just what it sounds like, normal sized. In case you all haven't noticed, most women in the industry are pint sized, very cute, small and petite (something like 5 foot nothing 95 pounds) and sometimes I get afraid of breaking them (being 5'6 and 126 pounds) so it was nice to see another "normal sized" woman I would love to hump and get rough with!


After shooting my debut Naughty America scene, I had a few visits to make and though I was super tired I am a woman of my word and unless I absolutely cannot follow through on something, I always do. First stop was the Larry Flynt building in Beverly Hills to go visit my friend Sam who I had been tweeting and texting for awhile and wanted to make my digital friend a real life friend so I went down there and I had never been in this building before but it was beautiful and very classy, not at all what you would expect from Mr. Flynt. I thought I would see pussy hanging on the wall and statues of people involved in hardcore sex acts but I saw the opposite, just classy statues and pictures of people from the Victorian era (I think, I don't know exactly I just know they were classy and looked like the old paintings.) I had a great time visiting and making real-life friends, I had to laugh though because Sam kept just handing me sex toys to take home and I wasn't going to argue, I like sex toys. I even got this gigantic one that I doubt will fit in my pussy but I may try. I also decided upon doing Hustler Cams instead of Streamate, it just seems like it would be better for my situation and I already know and love everyone at Hustler so when I get that set up I will let you all know!

After stopping by LFP, I went to eat some yummy gluten free pizza at this place called Fresh Brothers and oh my GOD! If any of you also have a gluten intolerance or celiac I highly recommend this pizza as it is SUPER tasty! Here in Vegas when I need pizza I go to Domino's because I am not sure where else has gluten-free but Fresh Brothers beats Domino's by a million times. They get two tits up from me!! Well, after I ate I stopped by my friend Jay's house and hung out for a little bit, he is hilarious and like my long lost brother, I am sure if I weren't so exhausted from being stuck in 2 hours of traffic from Beverly Hills to the Studio City area it would've been a lot more fun. We basically sat there stoned watching ridiculous youtube videos from his band "Dick Delicious and the Tasty Testicles" (yeah, I still have that diarrhea song in my head) and some videos about sloppy, slimy eggs and pork and white people. That was fun, there is nothing more fun than getting stoned and watching silly videos. I had to leave though as I was tired and still had to stop by OC modeling to say hi to Anthony and Sandra because I always babble to them in text messages so when I am in town I enjoy babbling to them in person. I absolutely love them, they're great people and a great agency. After all of my adventures I had to go sleep as I was driving home the next day, I wanted to squeeze in some time to start shooting content for my site and review another DVD but that just didn't happen. I have a busy life but I do love it!


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