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Don't Touch My Hot Sauce You Fucking Cunt!

The infamous after picture...




Yesterday I had the great experience of my first shoot for Kink.com and doing it with two other women, Sheena Shaw was the sub right by me and Lorelei Lee was the dom of both of us. I was so excited when I was told the night before I had a shoot with them because I had been wanting to shoot with them for awhile! I got to go on an airplane to San Fransisco and everything LOL! I was shocked by the gigantic Kink building, I never knew they were such a large company I just knew that I liked them because they're hardcore and dirty but wow, this building was much larger than expected! In summary, the Kink building kind of looks like a pornographic dorm from Harry Potter or something of the sort.

We shot for Whipped Ass and by the end of the day, I must say both Sheena and I had very whipped asses but it was a ton of fun! I had to laugh with my sensitive skin I actually somehow ended up with a cut on my ass that I didn't even notice until it was pointed out that it was there and bleeding. I still don't know where it came from, I doubt it was the floggers because they just weren't sharp to leave more than just a red mark it didn't bother me but apparently they're not allowed to show blood coming out of a cut on film LOL! We shot a few different parts of the scene and were tied up and together, ate pussy, sucked on feet, got fucked up the ass with dicks on sticks and spoke in random horrible English accents the entire time we were not shooting it was fucking hilarious, I do not even remember how we started speaking in these horrible sounding accents but I am starting to notice this a trend when I shoot. Depending on who I am shooting with, they bring out my horrible accents and whatever accent the person makes me feel like speaking in is how I speak with them the rest of the day. I really don't get it but it keeps me amused between takes!

After we shot we were brought back to the airport where Sheena and I decided that we were going to eat mexican food because we were starving from not eating much earlier because it was a butt fuck scene. We ordered the same thing because we both have horrible gluten intolerance (the only other girl I have met so far that has this!) and were thoroughly enjoying our meal when all of a sudden out of the shadows of behind the counter we see this female race over to our table, reach right over us (she didn't even say excuse me!) grab our hot sauce and whisk it away furiously. We both sat there looking at each other like did this bitch seriously just do this? Yeah, she did. What the fuck?! Who steals the hot sauce off the middle of the table of your restaurants guests when they are still obviously using it? What the fuck was going through her mind that she thought it was ok to grab this shit off of our table and not even ask if we were using it or saying excuse me?! Then she tried to grab my plate while I was still eating and then decided to ask if I was done. I said No I am not done now quit touching my stuff then Sheena went off on her saying no were not done kind of like we weren't done with our hot sauce you grabbed off of our table! Oh My! What an interesting night but I am now back in Vegas and with my hot sauce in a fire proof safe because I am so traumatized from this bitch that stole my hot sauce!!

In other news, I got another box cover it is for 'My first gangbang 3' by 3rd Degree, directed by the ever so awesome and hilarious Mike Quasar (whoooo hooooo!!)  I am still waiting on my payroll checks, I have to workout, do a review and send off my bikini to the awesome fan that had the winning bid and I have a sick toddler today that is VERY cranky!! Yeah I have a busy day ahead of me so I will catch up later!



Oh yeah...I am also selling signed 8x10s for $20 to whoever would like one please contact [email protected]



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