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The Clown Strikes!

Crimson Clown

Adventures in Stroking Part Two

I'm very honored that my review for the Ballers Halo Stroker on the Sex Toys Review Section is number two in the popularity rank. I think many people would enjoy my adventures withi my first sex toy.

Here's a little progress report since my experience with it.

Firstly, I'm kind of pleased that my dick was too wide and large for one hole. That inspires confidence in this here clown.

Secondly, I realized that the material for the stroker is the same material for the stress balls I used to own. That's kind of unusual to say the least.

Thirdly, and most importantly, I've found my groove with the stroker ever since that fateful night where I nearly tore the fore skin off my shaft like a banana peel.

This clown was sore for a while, but I bounced back.

Since then I've used the stroker at least five times and have had a very pleasant experience ever since. The orgasms are often very long and overwhelming if I stroke just right.

I almost don't want to go back to my normal method of masturbation.

You kind of develop a method when you masturbate and I did as well.

I hate masturbating in the shower because it's too long.

I've found that for better or for worse I can't ejaculate in a short time. Even when I first started masturbating, stroking within ten minutes was a feat and never quite worked. I often found myself trying to get off for thirty to forty five minutes.

Stroking quickly did nothing unless I was extremely motivated, and even then the orgasm was incredibly fleeting and unsatisfying. Almost like a half sneeze.

Later on when I found out standing up and stroking delivered a very numb orgasm, I tried masturbating in bed, and a new ritual was born. For some reason taking the pressure off your legs while masturbating increases the intensity of the orgasm.

Over the years I found if I was very motivated I could even have two orgasms in a row.

I often implemented the use of TP and paper towels for instant catching of semen flow, and it was a great ritual to sooth the aches of horniness. For a while when I discovered masturbation, I found it'd give me an almost drug like euphoria.

Now that the stroker is doing the work, it's a new and fun sensation that really doesn't present an appeal for the hand stroking anymore. Unless I can refine my hand to have ridges and or grooves. Never mind.

Now that I've had the stroker I'm moving on to a new play thing and hope to find a new sensation.

I have just purchased the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy, and I hope to have a good time with it.

Hey, like every guy, I hope during stroking the pocket pussy transforms in to the real woman, but my fantasies will do the work for me in that regard.

On that note, onward and upward in stroking.

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