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EXXXOTICA Post Hurricane

This last weekend was Exxxotica New Jersey, one of my favorite adult conventions and definitely one of the most popular, though this time was different. Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast the week before, and I, as well as the other adult film actresses didn't know what to expect.


Was it going to be depressing, slow, busy, weird?  I had no idea, however I heard the hotels had all filled up before the disaster struck, so it made me excited knowing my fans wanted to be there, but were they going to be able to show up?  Hell yes!  They all came with enthusiastic attitudes and grateful smiles.  It was even more rewarding than expected, and I am so pleased I didn't decide to cancel my trip even after all the texts asking if I was going to be safe traveling in such unpredictable weather.


I feel as though the conventions I sign at and the feature dancing gigs on the weekends are really the vacation / reward for my videos and work.  Meeting the people who support me and putting a face to a twitter handle or gaining a new supporter is what it’s really all about.  These are the people who make our industry go round, and I am so thankful I get to meet them firsthand, especially seeing as though we, the adult industry, is really the only outlet meeting its fans in person on a regular basis.  At least that’s what I am told.  I think NASCAR does something similar but not quite the same. :)


Any way, after donating some money to the victims, I really thought I had done what I could do to help and was excited for my last day at the show.  I was in for a surprise though.  The always enthusiastic and motivated Aliie Haze swindled me into performing free lap dances with all proceeds donated to the hurricane relief efforts.  At first I was debating the spur of the moment idea due to the fact it would be in front of the whole convention… and I forgot my panties... and I was wearing a skimpy, almost non-existent dress, but I did it any ways.  We were able to raise even more money for the people affected by the hurricane in New Jersey.


Thank you Exxxotica for keeping the shows exciting and fresh every time, and I’m looking forward to the next one!





tasha at exxxotica solo

Tasha at EXXXOTICA 2

Tasha at EXXXOTICA 3

Tasha at EXXXOTICA 4

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