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Leya Becomes One of Princess Donna's Bitches

Thursday, I was again flown out to shoot for Kink and I must say I have quite the story to share, but first I will tell you that it was Vader's first time on a plane and I had a fun few hours before my shoot getting paid back by Russian (The OC modeling driver) for the first time I met him and I drove down the block and nearly got into 4 accidents with him in which he decided he would never get in the car with me again! Well, he kept scaring the shit out of me by "almost" crashing and texting and driving (which I don't know how he does so well!) We also went to lunch at Red Robin (yummmmm) and I slightly embarrassed him by bring Vader with us and playing with the toy drums at one of the kiosks in the mall, I guess he didn't realize how strange I was before this day because he commented on how strange I was and asked if I smoked a lot of weed. The funny thing is, I was completely sober that day, I am just a strange human being! Thanks again Russian for driving me and dealing with my random babbles and it was fun seeing "OK Chinese Food" with you hahahha!!





I have had a really fun and intense week shooting twice with Kink which I must say is one of my favorites to shoot for because they are dirty and fun like me! Only a couple of days after my Whipped Ass shoot (ass still sore) I was flown out to LA this time to shoot for Public Disgrace which seemed to be just my cup of tea, and it was only with a few modifications due to my sore ass and my Attention Deficit Disorder. Let me start off by explaining what I was told when booked for public disgrace, I would be fucked by Tommy Pistol (again LOL!) and dominated by Princess Donna as well. The audience was going to be industry people with test results and I would be made to fuck some other dudes as well, this was all great with me as I am a slut bucket and love to fuck! Well, this shoot was a little bit different than Kink's prior Public Disgrace shoots and with me being "something else" I have no idea how I expected this shoot to be the same as everyone else.



We arrived on location which was an auto shop and I was immediately slightly disturbed remembering my childhood growing up with my father being a mechanic so the smell of this place made me feel like I was a little kid again but I came back to real life and realized I am old and this will be great fun!  I saw a big group of people that were going to be the "audience" fondling me and participating in the "abuse" and found out that none of them were industry people and none of them had test results and was a tad bit concerned about that but knew I wouldn't be fucking them so I was like hmmmm ok. The one thing I did say was that I am not touching any cocks even for a hand-job without test results and I probably seemed really racist saying the black one can't touch me at all but as we all know, Mr. Falcon wants to be the only black man to be fucking me/touching me or anything like that and I didn't need any drama when I went home for having another black mans hands on me. I must say that I really was NOT happy with the way that these "audience" members acted, they were extremely unprofessional and did not seem to understand what BDSM actually is about, that it is not about actual abuse, it is about pleasurable pain and discipline.


The first 20% of the scene we shot I did not really enjoy, I was purely acting and couldn't get off for anything and poor Tommy was like what the fuck? Why is there nothing coming out? I don't think him or anyone else has ever seen my pussy so dry! I was laid down on a lifter and these unprofessional "audience" members were all over me like they were actually trying to injure me, not give me pleasurable pain. I had to call stop many many times but wanted to keep going without interrupting the scene. With my ass already sore from a couple of days prior, I was seriously hurting and not in a good way on my ass cheeks because of the fact that these non-industry people smacked ass like they were beating me for my money or something, they were pulling on my tits like they were trying to pop them and the way they were talking was not sexually stimulating. I LOVE verbal abuse during sex but these dudes did not know how to verbally abuse and it just sounded so funny like they were forcing it, I was like what the fuck?! Well, my ADD finally got the best of me and after one of those mother fuckers pulled the rope around my neck to the point where I could not fucking breathe and was about to pass out I had to let them know it needed to be changed. If there is one thing I learned from this shoot it is that CIVILIAN GUYS DO NOT KNOW SHIT ABOUT BDSM! You are not supposed to actually try to injure the woman, just give her pleasurable pain! Oh, and the fingering that was going on from them was HORRIBLE, it felt like they were trying to grab through my cervix and pull my uterus out of my vagina. I feel so bad if these guys have ever fingered another woman in their lives (which I highly doubt)


When I realized I was not enjoying this AT ALL because of the civilians and their misunderstanding of BDSM and my ADD making me unable to concentrate on getting fucked by Tommy and played with by Princess Donna, the scene became super fun! I have no problem with a bunch of people touching me but while I am getting fucked its WAY overwhelming, a sensory overload! I cannot have more than a few people touching me in ANY way at any one time, and I will be honest, I was having a minor panic attack but once I was given a second to calm down and we minimized the amount of hands on me at once I was ready to keep going and FINALLY was enjoying myself thoroughly and believe this was a GREAT scene that you all will really love! I truly enjoyed being tied up, fucked, and even having electric shock on me (DON'T TOUCH THE WIRES!), I was able to get off multiple times and be mentally pleased as well, hell, I got so into it that I forgot I was in an auto shop and licked my own cum off of the ground not even thinking that it was saturated in antifreeze,  oil and a variety of other car fluids. Yeah, I still have that poisonous taste in my mouth LOL! I also has my head dunked in a mop bucket and mopped the floor which was a ton of fun and super hot to me (only problem was the ass hole civilian that threw a shit ton of water at me unexpectedly and I got some in my mouth and nose) , I must say that I would not have chosen any other male talent to have my first Public Disgrace with but Tommy Pistol, he is just a fun and funny dude and a great performer and he already knows what I like and he could tell when I was not really enjoying it at first but he kept me laughing when the cameras weren't rolling with making fun of my rope burn (ahhh! fish skin!) and talking about the astronaut pictures the dude in the office had on his wall. Princess Donna was also a VERY good mistress, she makes sure her bitches are doing well and safe but still hurts them in an oh-so-good kind off way and she is super hot too which doesn't hurt! I definitely think the both of them are great people and performers! I would gladly be Princess Donna's bitch any day of the fucking week!!


The morning after my Public Disgrace, I was called by my bank telling me that there was suspicious activity and charges on my debit card from Inglewood (that I have never been to in my life!!), what the fuck?! So basically my card was put on hold, I cancelled it and ordered a new debit card and am now filing a claim and charges against whoever the fuck it was that stole my bank account number, and with the investigation I WILL find out who the fuck it was! Seeing as I was only in Los Angeles for a day and the ONLY time my bag was out of my sight was while filming and I am MORE than confident that it was one of the ass hole civilian extras that got into my bag and stole my card number. How fucking pathetic is that?! I am not the bitch to fuck with, I can be your best friend or your worst enemy and whoever chose to commit the crime of stealing my card number has decided that they will be my worst enemy!


Any-who... The point is that I still had a fucking great time and I LOVE LOVE LOVE shooting with Kink, they are just my type of people, freaky, dirty and rough but understanding of certain boundaries. I feel I make a great SUB as long as the people that are domming me take care of their bitches, which I was very well taken care of that day and I can say I walked away with a scene you will all enjoy thoroughly and a great and fun experience on my end. As much as I love filming normal "vanilla" scenes, I love filming these crazy, rough and dirty scenes 100 million times more! Man, I just love fucking, I love filming and I love writing about it afterwards!!


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