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Apparently Porn Stars Don't Need Life Insurance

WARNING! This is going to be another blog where I bitch and rant about the discrimination porn performers receive from the outside world!

"I am sorry, you have been denied an increase in your insurance because of your occupational hazards." Occupational hazards my ass! What fucking occupational hazards do I have that separate me from the rest of the population that you are insuring that goes around having unprotected sex with multiple partners where they aren't taking ANY precautions whatsoever such as, I don't know, checking to see if they have clean test results?! At least I can fucking say that ALL of my partners have clean and current tests and this year that I have been in the industry I have NOT ONCE caught ANYTHING other than possibly a cold. So State Farm, please tell me, are you a part of Michael Weinstein, Shelly Lubben, and Aids Healthcare Foundations conniving plan to rid of the porn industry?


What right do these people have to decide whether or not I am a high risk, are they denying gay men and the black community life insurance as well under the notion that "oh you're in porn or you're black or you're homosexual so you must have HIV or you're going to get it!" This is PURE discrimination and nothing less! When are we as human beings going to stop judging each other based on occupation, sexual orientation and race? I don't care WHO you are, if you are running around having unprotected sex with multiple partners, you are at risk BUT just because I make a living off of having sex instead of just doing it as a leisure activity I am discriminated against. WHAT THE FUCK?! I am curious to know if they are asking everyone they are insuring if they go to bars and pick up random people and have unprotected sex with them because I guarantee you that a lot of them are so that would make them high risk as well and NOT eligible for life insurance. This is purely a double standard and I feel as if it is an attack on not only myself but the entire industry and it pisses me off!


I have a 4 and a half year old daughter, God forbid something happen to me I want her to be taken care of and just because I am working in the adult industry to provide for her instead of working at Mcdonalds or taking the governments money to take care of her they do not want to increase my life insurance. Is this possibly a conspiracy by the government as well? Would they rather me be working minimum wage and on welfare? Would that make me "safe" enough to increase my life insurance? I guarantee it probably would because this is a fucked up world that we live in and quite frankly if the world really is to end in a couple of weeks here, I wouldn't blame it for wanting to blow itself up.


If there is one thing I want to accomplish in my career it would be to rid of the ignorance of the world regarding the adult industry, there should not be this "high risk" stigma attached to it because it truly is much less of a risk than the general population, the only people that are not at risk of catching STD's are those that are abstinent which is pretty much nobody. Yes, even if you're married and think you're in a monogamous relationship you are still at risk if your partner decides to be unfaithful. Porn performers are still frowned upon and I truly want this to change and will do anything within my power to prove to the world that we are not all a bunch of disease ridden, drug addicts with no intelligence and no other options in life. While there are people like that in EVERY profession, Most of us performers have chosen this route because it is what we truly love to do, not because it is the last option and we have no other skills! The stereotypes and attacks on the porn industry have to stop!

In other news...

I am "Gem of the Month" For Sapphire Las Vegas and though I am happy about this, I became even happier when I saw what a hot mess I looked like in these photos and am proud to say I am on day 96 with absolutely not one drop of alcohol and I am keeping it this way!! Alcohol does not look pretty on me AT ALL! 



I updated my wishlist with lots of awesome Star Wars crap : Amzn.to/LeyaFalcon


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If you would like to buy a signed 8x10 or worn panties or whatnot please contact [email protected]


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