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I Didn't Choose the Thug Life, The Thug Life Said I Choose You!






Yesterday I was asked by Sapphire (My home strip club along with Hustler) to appear on something for the Travel Channel, it doesn't pay but I would get four free house fees and my immediate response to that was YES! I am an attention whore, is it really ever a question if someone wants to put me in anything? I love being on camera and being noticed, I am starting to think I am related to Paris Hilton minus the boyish body, lack of intelligence, drug problems and of course, the money. Basically this is a mainstream thing so I knew it would be good exposure (LOL though minimal exposure was allowed) but I must admit even though the theme was a strip club and I was just supposed to be myself I was nervous that I would be too vulgar or "porn-y" because I am just naturally overtly sexual and over the top.


I cannot remember the name of the show it will be on but I know it went very well, it will be a show about a British guy going to different destinations across the world and showing everyone what these locations are really about. The first part I was in the VIP room with the host and 4 other girls and I was, of course, the only sober one there so I was a little nervous and confused as to what I was supposed to do but when I was told to just tease him and distract him from the lines he was saying, I knew immediately this would be fun. The other girls seemed a little scared to get into it, I was just like OK lets unbutton your clothes and maybe some girl/girl action? The host liked that I was creative and was cool with everything but unfortunately none of the other girls wanted to make out with me :(



In the next segment we had to take him on stage and dance for him and like I do anytime there is a guy on stage to dance for, I took off his belt and started smacking his ass with it and I am glad to say he stated that he liked it and didn't even know he was into that kind of stuff until I did it. It was a good feeling, I always enjoy introducing people to new things. In addition to the parts shot with the host they had us do some dancing on the pole, some lap dancing and an interview...they had no idea what was coming their way with me! I sometimes wish I could install a filter into my brain, you know, the kind that tells you "hey maybe you shouldn't say that!" But then again, at least I am honest and never accused of being dull.


As far as work, it has been really slow because of the holidays, both stripper work and porn work so I haven't worked in almost a month at either and am getting kind of bored at home, I like the travel to LA and the change of scenery. I can't wait for Christmas to be over not only because I hate Christmas music but work will pick back up again and I can get back out to LA to work and visit all of my lovely porn friends out there! In the meantime I have just been being Mommy, prepping for Christmas, doing my workouts, interacting with fans on message boards and I need to finish my review on "all girls all the time" in the next couple of days!





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