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So You Want To Feature Dance?


Its me again , this time I'm here to talk about the lovely world of Feature Dancing. First of all, for those asking "what is feature dancing?" Well, it's a tour that a Porn Star does to meet, greet and perform live for fans at strip clubs around the United States and sometimes Canada. Basically, it's a glorified stripper and Porn Stars have been doing this for years to bring in the big bucks. 

If you are feature dancing, you are probably represented by an agency and have earned yourself quite a few accolades on your résumé, however that doesn't necessarily mean you are cut out to dance. When I started feature dancing, it took me almost 6 months of busting my ass performing in the industry, 10+ magazine layouts, becoming a Penthouse Pet, staring in several DVD's and more. Although times have changed (In a short 2 years) and almost any rookie porn girl can go out and dance, however the same rules apply as always: the better the résumé , the more you get paid. Just because your dancing doesn't mean you are making the dough.

Not everyone is cut out to feature dance. The harder you work, the more money you make. Now, the number one mistake girls make is thinking if they were once a stripper they can handle featuring. It takes a special person, a highly patient, driven individual who is willing to go days without sleep, work in unpredictable settings as well as unorganized clubs, deal with house girls who hate you the moment you walk in the door and hate you even more if you are pretty AND nice, go weeks without seeing your friends or family, play well with others, maintain professionalism and also keep your sanity. A lot of rookies see the experienced girls dancing every weekend and think its cake walk until they go on their first tour completely unprepared and realize its more than just dancing and partying; it's a job.

The most important part of feature dancing I've found is having a good roadie. No, I don't mean your husband, boyfriend or pimp that wants to play dress up and act like your 'security guard.' I mean a legitimate roadie who is willing to bust his ass while you are touring and handle everything I listed above. You need to trust your roadie 100% especially because they should handle everything for you so you are as less stressed as possible. My roadie handles everything from my money to making sure I have my favorite drinks and snack in my dressing room. A good roadie helps you keep your sanity when all you want to do is pull your hair out because you have been ooperating on 3 hours of sleep and have been in 4 different time zones in 3 days. Lastly, a good roadie wants you to make as munch money as possible because the more money you get paid, they more money they get paid. 

Secondly, is costumes. I'm sorry, but if you walk out in a nurse costume, referee, cop, or school girl - it better be the most bad ass version of those super cleche' costumes yet or you are missing the boat. You AREN'T a house girl, you are the feature entertainment for the night. I've danced all over the country and from my experience club owners and fans really appreciate original costumes, I promise! I usually bring 6-7 costumes for my tours. I wear my most extravagant costumes on stage to draw attraction and get everyone in the club's attention. My cliche' (not so exciting) costumes are saved for meet & greets as well as lap dances. 


Third, if you want to make money bust your ass. Nothing more frustrating than seeing the "Feature Entertainment" of the evening be completely boring. It's like having a piece of cake with no frosting, real shitty. You can be am extremely popular performer but if you don't work the crowd or your stage, you aren't going to bring home the dough. It's just plain simple. When I get back from a club, my legs are typically black and blue from dancing and that's how I know I've earned my keep. 

Lastly, be organized. Prepare for your trip weeks in advance. Make sure your boots, heals, and costumes are in order for your stage shows. Order new costumes or shoes if some are falling apart, book your roadie and send him all the itinerary info as well as your own, make sure your merch is all stocked up as well and start taking those vitamins. 

Anyways, I hope this gave fans, strangers and performers who are curious about the feature dance world some insight. I'm on my way to Denver as I type this to celebrate the new year. 


Visit me January 12th at Sapphires NYC for one stage show and one stage show only. 


Until next time,


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