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Teal Conrad

Holidays Up North!

Happy New Years!


I hope everybody enjoyed the holidays! But aren’t we all glad they are over?! Well, I know I am!

I went home for a few days to visit my family, pregnant dog, and bring more of my stuff to California. What an adventure that was! I know in my first blog I talked about my journey down here…well I did the drive again, and what a nightmare that was!

950 miles up I5 to Oregon felt longer than ever before! 20 minutes into my drive on Christmas Eve I get pulled over as I was trying to set cruise control.  I know, I know another speeding ticket. I swear this is karma for all of the times I said I will NEVER get a speeding ticket because I wont get caught. I just thought in my head ‘MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS” Kidding of course, but what a great way to start off the drive.

Once I reached Redding in Northern California I had to chain up. I had chains just in case, but I thought it was a complete joke chaining up a convertible…haha. But no I did it, twice actually. I was told my car is front wheel drive, so I put the chains on the front. I ruined my brand new uggs along with my coat in the process. I didn’t think California could get so cold and snowy!

It turns out my car is rear wheel drive! So I had to figure out how I was going to get them off the front and onto the back. It took forever to get those things off my tires! I decided I’m just going to go thru the checkpoint, if they make me chain up, they can put them on. That idea didn’t work either, I had to drive down the mountain 8 miles to a gas station. That’s where people can often find somebody to put their chains on for them. Indeed I did, I asked this cute boy in a big lifted truck if he knew how to put chains on. He said he did and told me to park, instantly I had him and his friend chaining me up! I over heard the car next to me say “50 dollars right?” to the friend. I thought I would get creative and give the guys each a signed DVD and photo of myself. So that’s what I did and they told me ‘This is the best Christmas ever!” And I was then on my way north.

Once I got to Oregon it felt really good to see my family, breathe the clean air, have my gas pumped for me, and hang out with friends.  I hadn’t seen my mom in 10 months, which is the longest we have ever been apart. We had a great time together, she made me tons of delicious homemade meals that I have missed so much! I really took advantage of those amazing meals. I saw tons of my friends, who surprisingly were pretty accepting of my new career. My dog is about to give birth to 9-10 puppies! Australian Shepherds are such good dogs, I’m really excited to see the puppies.

I didn’t stay for long, but going home really helped me get refreshed for the new year. I came back just in time to bring in the new year with all of my friends in the industry! I think 2013 will be a great year!



Teal Conrad

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