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Mother Fucker, I am Excellent.



So this weekend I went to stripper work and it was quite interesting considering that it was CES weekend which is ALWAYS great, this year was a huge exception. Friday night was alright, I ended up finding two different guys that absolutely adored me and wanted to spend on me so I loved that minus the fact that one of them kept holding me down and basically humping me as I was trying to dance. Yeah, I am one of those weird strippers that doesn't do "extras" and actually dances and I will grind every now and then but I will not dry hump. I am sorry but I am not risking dry humping a dude and having him bust a nut in his pants and not even giving me a warning so I can get up and I end up getting some random dudes semen on me. Mind you, these things happen even if I am just dancing or lightly grinding but I don't purposefully try to make them cum, when I am at stripper work I am exactly that, a stripper. Yes, I am a porn star and yes I fuck random dudes when I perform scenes but porn is LEGAL and everyone has current and clean test results. I know everyone thinks when they come to Vegas that prostitution is legal but I am here to tell you that it is NOT legal in Clark County and that if you want to legally hire a prostitute you need to go out to Parhump in Nye County which is only about 45 minutes away. Honestly, I would be a prostitute if it were legal AND every person I had sexual contact with had current and clean test results but because they don't I will just stick to being a "prude" stripper to supplement my income when I am not shooting.


Saturday night was pretty damn horrible, we had not that many guys coming in and the guys that were coming in weren't even tipping on the stage which is HIGHLY unusual for this time of year when there are big conventions almost every day! The highlight of that night was the fact that Larry Flynt came in I am guessing to check in on the club and see how it is doing, I bet he was disappointed and I hope he uses his genius mind to implement some changes that will bring the Vegas Hustler Club back to what it was when it first opened because it has honestly gone very downhill. The whole atmosphere is just pure party, a rather young crowd that doesn't want to spend money on the girls and that is just frustrating. Guys, a word of advice, do not go to a strip club just to drink, be polite and either tip the girls on stage or get at least one lap dance from someone, anyone! Walking into a strip club just to drink and stare at the girls without tipping or buying dances is pretty much like stealing, we do NOT get paid wages, we actually PAY what is called a house fee each night that we work there on top of tipping out everyone. Our income comes strictly from your tips and dance purchases, so please, learn some strip club etiquette and if you see a girl working her ass off on stage and are enjoying it, tip her!

Now that I have ranted on my stripper problems, back to my porn star self which is much less stressful than stripper work! I received the script for one of my Brazzers butt sex scenes that will be filmed in about a couple of weeks here and it is going to be FUCKING EPIC! That is all I can really say and I am THRILLED about it and just wow, it is going to be great and SOOOO completely Leya! Other than that I am just getting prepped for AVN signing on Friday and Saturday and am super excited to actually meet some of my die hard fans in person, I think out of all the porn stars out there that my fans are the greatest because they are all quality and just make me feel so loved. Yeah. I love them all! I am a little worried about red carpet because I heard it was only for nominees and though a dvd I was on (big league squirters 4) was nominated for Best Squiritng Series I am not sure if that counts for me being an actual nominee but I suppose we will find out!!

On that note, I must get off of here and get back to my motherly duties. I apologize for no new reviews lately but I promise I will have one soon, it is just so hard to find time alone from my daughter in order to watch and review a porno but I will figure it out soon! Have a lovely night!!


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