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Angry Technology and Anal Adventures

So I apologize here for no recent blogs, reviews or interviews but I no longer have a computer as mine decided that it wanted to commit suicide. I do not know why but electronics hate me and I am not proud to say this but not only did I drive my laptop to suicide, I drove my moms to it as well. Seriously. I do not know what the fuck is wrong with me but anything electronic has always hated me, maybe I have some sort of crazy energy that just flows out of me and zaps the life out of technology. Well, my solution is here having to type this up on my phone and emailing it to Xcritic so that they can post it for me, let's just hope I don't kill my phone while I am at it!

Now to the meat of things and the fact that I have a HUGE announcement, are you ready to hear some words you all never thought you would hear me say? Ok, here it is...I did my first butt sex scene the other day and it was great! The scene was shot for Brazzers 'Big Tits At Work'  by Brando, one of my favorite directors, and Bill Bailey being the one that pounded my ass hole. I really enjoyed this scene and know that when all of you see it you're going to be sitting there jacking your cocks and cumming at least three times during this scene as it is hot! Besides the fact that I got my ass hole pounded there was also a lot of artistic value to the scene so I think it would probably be something you fellas may want to watch with your significant others!

So how did the scene play out? Well, it was basically me being a horny secretary that wanted her boss to take advantage of her and treat her like shit. I really appreciated that Brazzers asked me what I want my first butt sex scene to be like and that they listened and made the script as rough and degrading as Brazzers can now be. Yes, I would've love more violence and degradation but for some reason Brazzers now has a lot of compliance rule so I can understand why certain things couldnt've been done. I must say though, I truly enjoyed myself and feel so special that I was given a script just to my liking! Can you tell I am super thrilled for this to come out?

Though the scene went fabulously, it was not without a few little problems because as you all know my life is insane and though imperfect, it is entertaining and I love it. I got to wear these beautiful and sparkily heels in the scene but I really couldn't walk well in them so the parts where I had to walk to and from the desk we had to do a few takes to get it because I couldn't stop walking like a duck! I am sorry but I am not good at walking in normal, non-stripper heels due to my natural clumsiness and my fucked up left knee that I should've had surgery on by now but refuse to because I am stubborn and afraid of having to sit on a couch for weeks or months while it heals. Sitting on couches just do not do it for me! I have to be up and moving and doing something constructive (preferably in flats!) The point is the shoes were pretty, I did my best walking in them but had some difficulties doing a sexy walk and my feet were aching by the end of the day.

Now that I have discussed the perils of being a clumsy woman with a fucked up knee in heels, I will discuss the one other small issue we had on set. WARNING! I am the queen of too much information so if you don't want to read anything that may possibly disturb you just stop here! ... I truly enjoyed the butt sex the way I have for years in my personal life and it didn't hurt at all, in fact, I wanted to be pounded harder like how I like my pussy pounded. I have to attribute my thorogh enjoyment of butt sex to these nifty little lube shooters I found at Hustler Hollywood, you basically just fill the syringe with lube and shoot it up your ass so you don't have to keep applying the lube throughout the fucking. Those things are great but apparently my body and mind enjoying the butt fucking wasn't enough for my rectum to cooperate as out of nowhere there was blood. What the fuck? It was so weird because it didn't hurt at all, I was just glad that I did the proper ass hole cleaning beforehand and it was just blood that came out! Oh well, porn is pretty much a no embarassment zone so I wiped my ass and kept taking it like the dirty slut that I am. Great fucking scene, I really look forward to you all cumming really hard to it!

What else have I been up to this week? Well, just the usual, working out, being mommy, watching trash tv, doing household chores, the stuff that "normal" women do. I had a phone interview today for an upcoming article in Club magazine and that was really cool, I can't wait for that either! Oh, and speaking of magazines, I am in Hustler again (April 2013) so make sure you go buy that! I better get to bed as my hand is going numb typing this on my phone and I am headed for LA again tomorrow.  Oh my life! I fucking love it! 


In Memoriam:

Leya's Laptop 2006-2013

Leya's Mom's Laptop 2008-2013

May you both rest in peace!

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