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Leya Falcon

I Am One Blessed Bitch

Hello world! I apologize for the lack of blogs, interviews and reviews but I still am computerless and am again risking carpel tunnel to type this blog up on my phone so the great editor-in-chief at Xcritic can post it for your reading pleasure. As everyone can tell by now, I love to write and just express myself however I see fit so if I need to type this shit up on my phone you can bet your sweet ass that is what I will be doing! Now if my phone decides to commit suicide like my laptop then I guess I am just totally fucked as my upgrade isn't due until June and with my old, beat up Droid 3 I honestly cannot wait for that! On to more important things like porn and other random shit...

Last week I was up in LA once again to shoot and was thrilled to have not one, not two but THREE hot bitches to play with and it was fabulous! I shot a cam show for pornstarcamhouse.com and it really was one of the most fun things I have done though I was nervous about it at first with my prior cam show disaster I was involved in, I am sure all of my fans know what I am talking about. I am so thankful that OC Modeling is not like one of my prior agencies that had lied to me about one "shoot" with three other women that actually turned out to be a cam show with three other women AND three other men with very little pay for the circus disaster orgy I had to deal with that day!  Well, back on subject (excuse my ADD) the show I did with Porn Star Cam House was very fun, it was laid back but not so much to the point that it was total madness. I enjoyed that there was still some order to the process while allowing for feminine creativity, it was a yummy time! Not only did I get to fuck hot bitches, I had a fun time looking at funny Star Wars pictures with Max, the man that runs the site. He is obviously a Star Wars geek as well and it is always a pleasure to meet and chat with fellow Star Wars geeks!

After getting back home from LA I decided that I would work stripper work on Saturday and Sunday and I did have a great time though I did not appreciate one of the guys that took me to VIP whipping out his penis. Yes, I drank again because it just seems that guys only like to spend money when they see you drinking or have you taking shots with them, they do not realize that I have a pretty high alcohol tolerance and just because I am drunk doesn't mean I am going to be sucking/fucking you. Sorry guys! So yeah, the guy pulled out his cock and I was like dude put that shit away and he didn't and eventually security came in and escorted him out, thank God! Fellas, listen to Chris Rock when visiting me in the strip club, there is NO SEX IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM! Geez loueez, I don't know where your damn cock has been, I am not trying to catch something and give it to the entire industry and I certainly am not getting arrested for being a hooker, NOT worth it to me!

Here I sit, lacking in sleep and with cramps in my hands from typing this up on this stupid phone but I am still super excited because I am coming back up to LA tomorrow and doing an appearance at Hustler Hollywood on Sunset along with Bailey Blue. This is a signing and release party for Terminator XXX and after my experience with AEE this year and meeting so many fans I am really looking forward to this, I love to meet and talk with the people that support me in my career and appreciate me whether its just for my sucking and fucking skills or it is one of you (obviously those of you reading this and my other stuff I have written) that also appreciates the person I am. Honestly, my anxiety has been horrible lately but I am staying positive and not letting anything get me down and the best thing for me when I am going through personal issues or am just down is to be shooting or doing work related stuff because this is my true love. Porn is my passion, porn makes me happy and no matter what is going on in my life or my mind shooting, meeting fans, writing, all of this keeps me smiling. I am SO fortunate to have a career I love so much and such supportive fans, friends, family and a fabulous agency, I am truly blessed and extremely thankful. My life is far from perfect but I really feel like one very blessed bitch and I do hope to see some of you at my signing on Thursday and hopefully I will get a new laptop or a tablet or something soon so I can get back to my reviews and consistent daily blogs! Stick with me! 


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