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Tic-Tac-Ho : Leya Wins!

So here I am again typing another blog for you all on my phone as I wait to save up enough money for a new computer or for some lovely person out there to get me the surface tablet off of my wishlist (amzn.to/leyafalcon ) whichever comes first! I do know that if some lovely person does decide to bless me with no longer having to type up my blogs on my phone that I have a HUGE thank you package I will send them in return to show my thanks as well as the thanks of my thumbs and my wrists! I feel kind of bad complaining about not having a computer right now when there are so many people out there that don't even have food but it has given me some time to reflect on myself and my blessings. I realize that I have everything I need and am thankful for this but damn, it will make writing a hell of a lot easier when I get an actual computer to type on again!

Now that I am sure you are done hearing me bitch about something kind of trivial, I will babble on about the recent happenings in my life since my last blog. I went up to LA again this week for my first DVD release signing for Hustler's "This Ain't the Terminator XXX" and it was a blast! I felt so honored to be asked to sign for a film I had such a small part in so there was no way I would miss this event, I take my career very seriously and would never turn down such an honor. I hope to do some more parodies soon and to actually have the lead part because it was a little awkward signing on posters and dvd's that my picture wasn't on! Bailey Blue played the lead so she had the box cover/poster and was also signing with me and I really liked her, she is one hot bitch and very fun to play around with!

The signing was hosted at Hustler Hollywood (the one actually in Hollywood) and felt as much at home there as I do at the one here in Vegas. The staff was great and I love that they have a little cafe' in the store as well (something the Vegas store lacks) that has every sort of perverted sounding (non-alcoholic) drink you can think of from coffee to smoothies, I chose a Triple Berry Snatch smoothie just because I was told I cannot have the pussy with ice cream on it as it was just decoration and not an actual menu item. Perhaps the highlight of my night was meeting Theresa Flynt, she is super cool and encouraged my perversion and after seeing a photo of her and I side by side, I am wondering if we are perhaps related. If I were somehow related to the Flynt's it would surely explain why I had the goal of doing porn since I was 14 and why I have such a dirty mind! Who knows? I just know I love everyone I meet from Hustler and I thank Theresa for having me (and for the super awesome magenta sparkle shoes!) and I must thank my fun friends Rob (cock-n-balls) , Drew (Tiger Tails) and Sam (crazy man) for also being at the event and chit chatting with me about butt sex, pussy and titties and also watching myself and Bailey Blue play a game of Tic-Tac-Ho (in which I won!!)

I am also happy to announce some more good news for my fans that are wanting to see my butt sex, I am going to be shooting another butt sex scene for Brazzers pretty soon here so you will have another scene to look forward to where I am being anally pounded! I am surely looking forward to shooting it as it has a 100% Leya Fuckin' Falcon approved dialogue to go along with it! I can already tell that this is going to be one of my favorite scenes I will ever film, so yes, I am ecstatic. Other than that, I don't have anything else lined up at the moment but I am sure that will change pretty soon here, my agency is great and they always manage to get me a nice amount of work! I know I say it in damn near every blog but I truly love OC Modeling, they are the best thing to happen to my career since my vagina.

Well, it is late at night and I have to play tooth fairy in a moment here. My daughter lost her first tooth (and apparently swallowed it!) and I am just sitting here crying and reflecting on how fast she is growing up! I know you all probably don't care to hear about that but this is my blog and I will talk about what is important to me! Before I go play tooth fairy and place cash under my daughters pillow I am going to apologize once again for a rather short and messy blog but it is really hard to compose this shit typing it up on my phone. Now I must go find a way to get my hands and fingers to stop feeling all numb so I can get some rest! Until next time, may the force be with you! 


Book Me Through OC Modeling Here: http://www.ocmodeling.com/model.php?id=390

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