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I Really Dig You And So Does The GRAND CANYON!


Yes! Finally! I am in LA and have access to a computer so I can blog to my hearts content without coming across the problem of hand numbing and possible carpel tunnel! Hooray! Anyways, let’s get this shit started...


So I have had a rather interesting week thus far, probably one of the most interesting I have encountered since I have begun in the porn industry. I came up Sunday and after talking back and forth with Jack Napier for awhile I decided that we should actually hang out because he seemed pretty fucking awesome. Well, I got all dressed up and cute and on my way to go see him I encounter a problem because as we all know by now my life is the furthest thing from smooth! I was driving down the freeway and all of a sudden I hear clunking, SHIT! Yes, I got a blow out and as I was trying to change my tire I realized that HEY! I need a key to remove my rims and those mother fuckers that sold me these rims did not give me one so I gave up for the night and had my lovely friend Steve Nelson (from ainews.com) come get me and bring me back to the model house for the night until the next day when some stores would be open so I could try to find a key to take off my rim and change my tire. I told Jack that I am sorry that I couldn't meet up with him that night and that I had to figure out all of this shit with my tire/rim before I even thought about it. In the meantime he told me he was trying to find a rim key for my particular rims and I thought, yeah, ok, if you find a rim key and get this shit off of my car so I can get a new tire on it I will owe you blow jobs for the rest of your life!

As stressed as I was about my tire, and as much as I thought Jack was just bull shitting about trying to help me (hey, can you blame me with my history with douche bags in my life?) I became super excited the next day because I was FINALLY to fuck my beautiful Katie Summers, yeah, I love that hot bitch. Well, After I was dropped off I had laid down on the couch to take a little nap as I was waiting to get my hair and makeup done and received a text from Jack telling me he had found the key to my rim and that Steve showed him to my car and he was getting the bolts off of there and again, I thought he was joking. About an hour later I was sent a picture, this dude that had NEVER met me before in my life actually went out of his way to help me with this. I have to say that it actually made me tear up because it was so nice of him to do that and now apparently I owe him blow jobs for the rest of forever. Oh well, good thing I love to suck cock. Anyways, my scene that day with Katie was really nice, I wish we would've had some toys though; it would've been even more fun! That hot bitch got her pussy juices all over my face, she fucked my face with her nice ass, yeah, I was a HAPPY camper and she can sit on my face whenever she feels the need to do so!



I shot my second butt sex scene for Brazzers this week with Lee Roy Myers as the director and Jordan Ash as the cock and it was fucking awesome because it was Star Wars themed! I had on a somewhat Princess Leia slave look along with a HUGE ass fake braid attached to my head, it was super fucking cool. Now, I say super fucking cool because at first, it was, it was pulling on my hair and turning me on but by the end of my scene, oh man! that shit gave me a headache but it looked good so that is all that matters! I really enjoyed Lee Roy and his crew as they were all good, comedic people and were all fantastic at thier assigned job duties. Oh yeah, speaking of Brazzers and butt sex, my first butt sex scene came out yesterday and you all that haven't watched it yet should highly consider it as it is a scene I am extremely proud of.

This trip being more than a couple of days has actually consisted of somewhat of a social life as well and really, it is exactly what I needed. I did end up hanging out with Jack a few times and let me tell you, on top of just being a great friend (even to someone he had never met before!) he is FUCKING hilarious. You all know me as a silly, crazy girl so you put me next to another super silly person it is going to be a great time, and by a great time I mean a GRAND CANYON (inside joke) great time. I literally had tears coming out of my eyes and couldn't breathe because I was laughing that fucking much; it was a GRAND CANYON time! Even last night when I was feeling sick as fuck from who knows what, even though I was freaking out because we were at a club and there were SO many damn people, he still made me have a pretty good time, he is a really cool and funny dude and I think this industry needs more genuine people like him.

Today I went on a shopping trip with one of the girls staying in the model house (Aubrey James) and my oh my was it fucking interesting. We literally were out for 3 hours looking for some bras in 34dd but could NOT find them anywhere so I said fuck it, I will just go to Victoria’s Secret like I always do even though I wanted to find some different kind of styles. I found some bra/panty sets and I ALSO found this fabulous bargain that I could not pass up! Yes folks, I got this awesome pajama set that has gardening tools on it with the phrase "I really dig you" on it for $8 and yes, I wore that shit in public. When we went into Wal Mart so I could buy some enemas (I have another butt sex tomorrow with a BIG black cock, yeah, I am excited!) I had this awesome shirt on and was walking around in an old lady visor, it was fucking awesome. I know I say all of the time that I hate people but I really don't, I just hate big crowds and have to be around the right people to enjoy them and myself.

There you have it, a quick summary of my trip thus far (I am sure I forgot some shit that I will remember and say OH FUCK! but oh well...) and I didn't even have to type it up on my phone! Fuck yeah! GRAND CANYON THAT!

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