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Big Questions for 2013

10 Things for 2013

We are a few months into 2013 and these are just a few of the big questions I have going into the rest of the year. Nothing too thought provoking or controversial, at least I hope not. Would love to hear your thoughts on these or any thing you think I missed or got wrong.

Lily Carter:

She took some time off, but thankfully she is back and even got back on Twitter, can’t wait to see what 2013 brings us. I am hoping that we get another installment of Lily Carter is Irresistible this September, I hope it can be as successful as the Asa Akira series was. We are getting plenty of scenes to enjoy recently, which is always appreciated, cause there is a reason she is my favorite performer right now.  I am hoping that this is the year I get an interview with her, and is at the top of my most wanted interviews. Let see how that plays out, if you see me walking around with a huge smile, then you know it happened.

Alektra Blue:

What will she do now? She’s left Wicked and now we wait to see what her next move is. Is she going to really go wild and start doing DPS, DA, DV and stuff like that. Who knows, but I have a feeling that we are going to see lots of her on web sites like Brazzers and Naughty America as she gets her feet wet before blowing our minds. Perhaps she will get a focus movie from Jules or Elegant Angel, that could be pretty awesome.

Holly Michaels:

Will she get some deserved attention finally? Is being contracted to Porn Pros going to help her get her name out there. There are not many girls out there that pretty much have nothing but amazing scenes over 95% of the time, but she does. Her gangbang scene for Elegant Angel got nominated and she wasn’t even the cover girl, that has to tell you something. A great smile and an amazing body and energy, equal a great scene we can all enjoy, over and over again. Another girl I hope to interview this year.

Staci Silverstone:

Is she front runner for Best New Starlet? Well I am a little confused how Best New Starlet is  determined, but I guess you also have to put Bonnie Rotten and Rikki Sixx in that running too, but from my experience, right now I am saying that hopefully she gets some recognition for some great scenes so far this year. Great little body and made some horrible movies tolerable when she was on screen. And guess what, hopefully an interview will happen with this lady, maybe we can help her name out there and give her a shot at some awards.

Riley Reid:

After another exciting time with Riley in Vegas, she has quickly made her way towards the top of my list of favorites. I stated on Twitter than I think she can pretty much ready anything out loud and I guarantee you will be at attention. If all goes well, I hope to prove my theory if and when I get an interview with this lovely and very sexual lady. Has some great scenes lined up with Remy Lacroix and many others, so I can’t wait to see those. Would love to see a Dark Side type movie from Jules this year around her, who I am kidding would pretty much enjoy any movie if she was the focus of the whole thing.

Superstar September/Big Feature from Elegant Angel

Will we get another big feature from Graham this year, and if so, whose going to star in it, and should they start preparing for some award speeches. I can guess a few studios are hoping he takes a break this year. He is two for two so far, can he strike gold once again. I hope so and I would be shocked if he didn’t. We got DanI’s first B/G movie and Lexi Belle’s first anal last year, what surprises are we in store for this September. Will we get a new Slutwoman? Would this be a perfect place to showcase Alektra Blue, who wouldn’t want to see a Mason or William H directed movie, with Alektra Blue the star.

Dani Daniels:

She had a big year last year, what does she need to do to keep that going? I am sure she is getting plenty of requests for anal, gang bangs, and etc. Perhaps a gangbang with ladies and men for her to enjoy. If it wasn’t for her, don’t think I would have spent so much time watching G/G movies this past year. But have been a fan ever since and like the lovely ladies she has worked with. But I don’t think we are going to get any of those until she is ready. Is she going to be nominated for Performer of the Year? Even though she doesn’t like the word performer being used, will that go against her? She has to prove her worth to some people who are still hung up on her and the fact she used to only do G/G scenes. Get over it, if you haven’t seen any of her new stuff, you are indeed missing out. Interview, yes please. Would love to hear her thoughts and talk art with her.

Madison Ivy:

Same boat as Holly Michaels, has some amazing scenes, and I don’t think gets the credit she deserves. Some very energetic sex when she is involved, and it doesn’t hurt that she has a smoking body that makes you wish they would get their shit together and make it possible to clone people. Cause you can sign me up for the Madison Ivy model ASAP. Yeah she smokes a lot of pot, and maybe that is why people think she doesn’t deserve recognition. I don’t smoke myself and I am willing to look that over, just take one look at the tanned body and those eyes, you will forget about…what were we talking about again. Of course an interview would be awesome, but would I be able to keep my shit, or would I just stare and drool like an idiot.

Remy Lacroix:

We almost lost her last year, but luckily she didn’t leave and is off to a great start this year. After spending half of last year wishing she wouldn’t leave, we got our wishes and prayers answered. I could see her possible in the big feature for Elegant Angel, she has shown her acting skills (Torn) and can hold her own. I promise if I get an interview with her, there will be some hula hooping going on at some point, and don’t worry it won’t be me doing it. Looking forward to seeing Remy 2 and hope it is just as amazing as the first one was.


It’s going to be a long legal battle, and could really affect the industry. It seemed that they had lost the battle, but I have a feeling they won’t be giving up so easily. Are we going to see more studios be like Wicked and have condoms in their scenes? Who knows, but this is perhaps the biggest question for 2013. How will they fight this and how will it affect the industry?


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