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Leya Falcon

Oh, You Know, Just Had An Orgy For Easter.




Oh MAN! Happy Easter everyone! I know I haven't been on here very much as of late but I have been SO incredibly busy it has been difficult to keep up with my hobby of writing and doing DVD reviews! I am still out in LA and will be for at least another week and I have pretty much every last minute of the rest of my trip planned out, I am not sure when I will be getting free time again but I really cannot complain as my career is finally on the up and up!

So as you all may have noticed by the bunny rabbits, pastel colored eggs and the Jesus stuff around that today is Easter and being the non-traditional kind of woman I am I couldn't celebrate with merely an Easter egg hunt so I had a 5 girl and 3 guy orgy! Yes, I am aware that I am highly ADD and multiple people at once tend to confuse me but I have started to discover the best way to grow and improve as a person is to push yourself to the limit and you may not learn immediately but each time you step out of your comfort zone you will grow a little bit more. Today I can say I grew a little bit by working on training myself to deal with sensory overload and though I am far from the normal person in how I was thinking, I did a good job in proving that I can have fun even when I am feeling pushed past my limits. I must admit though that I got lucky today as the orgy started out with everyone then myself, one of the other sex ladies and one of the guys walked off into another room and finished off the scene with just the three of us. I thank God for this little break as the scene was fun but very intense and if I wouldn't have been pulled out to a more intimate setting to finish the scene I may not be in one piece right now!


You can definitely say that my attention span was pushed to the max today but I know each time I do something that causes me to have to focus more than average I am just training myself to have as close to a "normal" attention span as the average person out there. As I remember speaking on before, it is hard for me to fully get off (i.e. squirt) when I am dealing with sensory overload as I did today and have in previous scenes in where there was a lot going on but that doesn't mean I didn't still thoroughly enjoy myself! Today was surely a learning experience and a very pleasurable one at that and life is all about the experiences that we enjoy and those that make us grow as a person. Would I do another orgy again? Absolutely. I would love to continue to practice stretching my attention span and the multiple ladies and cocks were a plus too!


Besides my Easter celebration I have actually been shooting a ton and not only that, I have been stepping out of my social comfort zone of being a hermit and going to industry parties and actually interacting with others and it really feels great! I have made some new friends lately (as well as lost one that really betrayed me and hurt me deeply and has yet to apologize or offer any explanation) and have even made the step forward in starting my website! One of my new friends I have made, Ivan (yes, THAT Ivan) really caught my creative eye and inspired me to actually go forward with starting my site so I have officially signed with PUBA and am starting on the content as soon as this week. My first shoot I have planned will be with the big black cock of Moe "The Monster" Johnson and I am coming up with some ideas in my head of how I want the shoot to go but rest assured, you will all love it.  Truly this is something that I needed, a very creative person to help me get my ideas off the ground and onto film because as much as I love fucking on film and bringing other peoples ideas to life, I have so many of my own that I want to be able to share with all of my fans that love me for that little unique extra something that I have.




I am very VERY tired after my Easter orgy celebration so I am going to leave for now with saying thanks everyone for sticking with me and I have a new DVD coming out on April 3  called "Sport Fucking 11" so make sure you all go check that out!! Goodnight from your favorite exhausted and now delirious porn star, Leya Fucking Falcon.


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